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Hey! I’m back. After my last post, in July, my sciatica got worse and worse and I finally took it seriously in early October and got some medical advice. Long story short- it’s severe, I have meds, I’m in PT, and I’m dealing with it. I don’t like it but I don’t let anything tell me what to do or be so screw you sciatica!

Anyway, that’s why I had a 3 month hiatus.

SO! This has been a real dumpster fire year, hasn’t it? I’m I was super anxious about the election. I saw a cool story on CBS Sunday Morning about Eleanor Roosevelt and I got all inspired. She’s one of my heroes! I started Fabulous Women in History cross stitch, and I’ll show you my progress plus a description of the bad-ass ladies I stitch. I did a lot of customization on this one! I’m proud of it already!

Here’s the progress on my Finish A Thing 2020:

And finished items!

Scooby Shawl-Engla pattern

Rings Cardigan

I had a hard time getting a picture of this for some reason. The bottom is a sample of a interconnected rings blanket. I decided not to make the blanket and finally made Moogly’s Cosmic Cardigan instead! I used the rings section as the base of the back. It was easy to add the ribbing later. I had enough yarn to make stripes. I made cute little varstiy-esque lines on the sleeves.

I highly recommend this pattern! It was fun and easy even with all my changes.

Poochie! I made this up. Inspired by the Nintendo game Yoshi’s Crafted World.

I’m pretty close to finishing Snooze:

…but let’s be honest, it’s slow going! There’s a lot of confetti (random small areas of lots of different colors). I love it and I even know where to hang it once framed. I need a break from it.

Stay tuned for the more WIP pics, finished pics, and the first Fantastic-Fabulous Woman post! Yeehaw!

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