My bf’s blog. She’s the ridiculously crafty and clever.
Random Ramblings of Celeena Cree
My cyber friend’s blog about the neat things she does. She does a lot of neat things.
A delicious baking site with tons of adorable cake pops.
How Sweet It Is
Another adorable baking/cooking blog. She’s funny and posts recipes with ingredients I actually have.
Feeling Stitchy
Very cool embroidery blog with oodles of pictures and interviews of every kind of stitch things going on. It also has some cute stitch-alongs, free patterns, and excellent stitching tutorials.
Mr. Cross Stitch
Another very cool stitch blog that is more non-traditional.
Wee Little Stitches
My favorite pattern place. Crafty geeks unite!!
Fantabulously incredible site for yarny people. If you are already in there, find me, I’m watermelon.
I love all the patterns and ideas and funny stuff here.
Player Vs Player
My favorite web comic about trolls and gaming and comics and coffee and nonsense. And fart jokes.

Tatting and Not A Lot Else!!Jane Eborall’s blog. She has lots of fabulous patterns and techniques, plus some excellent tutorials. She’s unofficially officially a goddess in the tatting world.
TatarendaJon Yusoff’s blog. Wonderful projects and insight, as well as more excellent tutorials.
RenulekThis is in Polish, but google translate is very helpful. She’s a star tatter who designs the prettiest doilies (“napkins”) ever, as well as lots of other pretty projects. (My Epic Doily is the Spring 2014 napkin from this site.)
Nimble FingersA French site with oodles of beautiful pictures and inspiration and general prettiness.
Grace TatsVery nice woman with some amazing projects, patterns, etc. Let’s just say all the tatting blogs I find are amazing. Grace’s work is especially inspirational for me! It’s so even and colorful. I love seeing the colors people pick for common projects.
More talented tatters; they’re all wonderful and nice and have lovely pictures:
My Grandmother Tatted
Tips Around The Home
Lace Lovin Librarian
Le Blog de Frivole

IF by chance you find your blog on here, and do not want me to have them posted/linked here, please let me know and I will remove them. All love intended, no offense intended. Also, if I missed one, and you want to recommend it, please let me know! :)