(just in time for August ;) )

It was Wind in the Willows and it flew off the needle! I had to take out most of June’s so that took awhile. Today is the day August’s pattern releases!! It comes out at 1:00pm here, can’t wait! I got some more border done. My border was off by one vertically somewhere around May, but I made it work, no biggie. It’s usually pretty easy to just go with it instead of frogging (= taking out stitches) but I really messed up that wagon in June. Ugh. So I took out all but the cabin and redid it. Thankfully I had Burn Notice to re-watch and it went pretty quickly. :)

I just can’t get over how much I like this project. I love the colors, the pattern, everything. xoxo

Halfway done!

I’m also in the Steochalong 5 this year and it’s been a total blast! If you love cross stitch and snark and just plain weirdness these are your peeps. They are definitely my peeps! The group is 1000+ strong this year! What a ride. It’s hard to describe, so here’s their website.

I decided to buckle down and work on Snooze to see if I can finish it before Thanksgiving. My brother and his wife are coming to visit for thanksgivingchristmas and it would be cool to (finally) give it to them! I bought this years ago after searching for it in every craft store for more years. Yes, I am aware of the internet and it’s shopping capabilities, but the search was part of the fun for that kit! I haven’t done stamped cross stitch before and kind of made a mess of it when I started it but I picked it up earlier this year and got the hang of it. The right hoop totally helps! Well worth it. I bought the Clover 7″ Turnable Hoop last month and it’s fantastic, especially for linen/linen like fabrics. I love the size too, it’s easy to hold. Stamped cross stich definitely takes some getting used to after 20+ years of counted cross stitch, lol.

I love looking at cross stitch pics online and my mind wanders everywhere wanting to work on this WIP or that, so I like deciding on one to finish, with one or two smaller projects in between. I get a lot more done that way. I’m doing the same with yarn too! I’m 60% done with a very cool crochet shawl and I picked up an old WIP to finish. More on those later.

    So cute!! I really wanted to be him when I grew up. Or a pirate. I guess he’s a wilderness pirate.
Halfway there!
Fun day.
It just keeps getting cuter!
July has been much quicker so far, just like May.

Finished April! This one was quick, hence no in progress shots. It’s Around the World in 80 Days. I’m finally getting around to reading it, too. 😋

March went a lot faster than last month! I got to try out the fuzzy thread (Wisper from Rainbow Gallery) for one of the goats. (I know! More goats!) and I gave the troll horns, as well as green skin. I combined two colors (one strand each) of DMC 368 & 3813.

I went ahead and did the borders for April and May too, which finished up the border for the first page of the pattern. :-)

I got a little more done on the doctor sampler; I still hope to finish it this year….but I’d better get moving on it if that’s the case. A friend turned me onto the creepy shows on Destination America. I’ve been watching My Haunted House online where I can find it! woot I love the spooky stuff. ;-) It’s perfect for stitching!

So much blue in that phone box…so much.

NOW I’m ready for March! I went ahead with the grey again and I really like it. I bought this pearl cotton at Taos Wool Festival last year (in a punch needle tent) and I love the stormy color of it. I forgot part of her hair too, so I added that.

Next up, The Three Billy Goats Gruff!

P.S. The thread is labeled like this:

100m=/-4%, Valdani, 12, color, JP10, Made in Romania, Pearl Cotton