Still here!

Yup. Pox seems to have left us for the time being, whew! I’ve been pretty militant about washing hands around here, after I caught pink eye from the kids a few weeks ago. Blech!!
I’ve been stitching away, as per usual. I finished an old scarf, Cruella, and Sleeves!! I love Sleeves so much. I have a lot of the yarn left though, I only needed a bit of another ball. Maybe 5 yards is all? So I happily put it in the stash, for something sometime from now. I’m trying to finish my Blue Lagoon and restarted my Hearts scarf. I’m having a lot of fun with Hearts now that I have the hang of the loops.
I got back into cross stitch lately, and am almost done with Adventure Time! woot! Can’t wait to finish it (ugh so much white in that beard) and give it to my buddy. He’ll love it!
I put some WIPs in a bag, now they’re all in one place. I’m trying to Finish Some Things to allow more time for Things I Want to Work On. :-D Penny and I are anxious to start an awesome Doctor Who sampler. I will order the custom fabric today! I found it here on etsy. (swoon)
I haven’t blocked Sleeves or Cruella yet, so pictures will come later. Until then, here is my current WIP, sooooo close to finished, and a super cute coffee cup.


P.S. I finished while the pictures were loading! woohoo!


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