Category: WIP

  • I’m baaaaack

    Oof. Life can hit hard, huh? But I’m back now. I frogged a lot of projects I didn’t feel super excited about, cleaned up my stashes, and started stuff I really like. I have so many things I can do but I won’t live long enough to get them all done you know? Cross stitch…

  • Shuffle

    I’m working in a spooky post for next time!

  • Guess Again

    OK, it’s starting to look like something now…I’m mostly done, only the head and front legs left!

  • Any guesses?

    More of my big tatting WIP…what do you think it is?

  • (wooooossshhhing noise)

    Here it is! 4 years later! I found every WIP picture I have and put them in order: Stuff I changed to personalize it: I added different phrases on the sides. The original said “something old and something new-something borrowed something blue”. I chose a quote from Captain Jack Harkness “I used to be a…