Randomness for a Wednesday:

I have accumulated a lot of skulls, of all shapes and sizes. They all have names of course! Introducing…

My little haunted house has a lot of Tennant’s, including little Roger (he glows in the dark!) And his buddy Roderick. That’s Joey Tribbiani Trilobite swooshing around the garden.


I see a lot of skulls every morning. On the left is Rosa, the little guy is Rudy, and the handsome fella holding my jewelry is Rodrigo, resting on a skull doily, naturally.
This is Catalina, she traveled here from Scentsyland.
This is Roberto (ro-boy-tow) guarding the front porch. He’s my joker.

I painted Rosa at the local pottery place (totes planning another one). I made the skull doily too, and little Roger back in high school.

I give in. I like skulls. I don’t know why they mostly have R names but they fit, so who cares? :)

Finished before lunch yesterday! The Happily Ever After SAL starts today, so I made my goal with a day to spare. :-)

I got to work on my Doctor Who sampler again. That’s going to take awhile, but at least I’m having fun with it again!

Here are all the progress pic from Yei II:

IMG_20150512_165618 1456152780071907268155 IMG_20160306_144307 IMG_20160316_203757 IMG_20160318_214432

Coffee stored separately.
Coffee stored separately.

img_20161222_195918 IMG_20170114_115746

Penny made some needle minders for us for Christmas, now I have a sweet collection! I put them all in one place in a tin. I’m using the pizza slice on the Dr sampler, it makes me smile every time I see it.


You can make your own needle minders with buttons, magnets, and glue. Make sure the back of the button is flat/smooth, then glue on a strong magnet. Use another magnet on the other side of the fabric, and boom! Never lose a needle again. Plus! Cute stuff on your project.

I’m pretty busy lately, we started a new adventure. (We think they’re around 7 weeks old. Possibly australian shepherd/lab mix.) Meet Pepper and Watson:

Pepper (girl) has the white stripe. Watson is the boy.
Pepper (girl) has the white stripe. Watson is the boy.
We think they're around 7 weeks old. Possibly australian shepherd/lab mix.

The needle is pointing to another little purple one. I decided there are enough perfectly cute craft photos out there, this is a picture of my WIP and my usual work space-the kitchen table. It’s pretty clean, honestly. This is the detritus from one day, lol. I like the kitchen because there is a lot of natural light and a nice big table to sit at. I prefer having a table for all my stuff. This is the center of our house, right in the middle of where anyone can be, so I’m still with the guys without hovering. They haven’t argued much this afternoon and are currently playing happily with trucks and magic sand. I’m going to bask in it as long as possible, until I change the dynamic by offering dinner. ;-)
I hear thunder outside…cross your fingers for rain tonight! It was a balmy 98 today, yesterday was 101 or something. I know it’s like 204 in places like Phoenix, but hot is hot!
I’m also in the last stretch of that reddish hooded vest!! I just might have enough yarn after all…if not, I found some bright pink stuff in my stash that looks great with this dark red colorway so whatever happens I’ll finish it and I’ll wear it asap. Hot or not!

I’ve been cleaning and planning and organizing and getting ready for summer! Kids are almost out, and I’m planning a family road trip to Colorado, plus a trip to ride the Numbers & Toltec Railroad in June. I’m so excited!!

I finished my first pair of socks knit on straight needles. I knit them super quick compared to double circulars, so much so that I frogged about 2 inches of a new sock to start over on straights. Woot!

We went to an Isotopes game on Friday and we all got little overnight/travel/toiletry bags at the gate. Wouldn’t you know it, it fits a bunch of projects just right!

Coffee stored separately.
Coffee stored separately.


I fit about 4 in there for now. :-D there are lots of pockets for little stuff.

I also got into reading Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner. He goes into how we remember languages and has some neat ways to remember in the long run, instead of short term. I’m excited about it! I want to be fluent in Spanish, right now I’m intermediate I guess. I took classes since 7th grade and being in ABQ I’m surrounded by it. I love Spanish and I hope Wyner’s methods will get me to my goal! Maybe if this works I might get back into German…but one thing at a time!

It’s a beautiful day, I’m going to get back to knitting and reading.

Another doily! So many doilies. This one is crocheted with the cool Poe colors I posted before. There will be a lot of ends to sew in, but that’s OK. (Not as bad as a Dr Who scarf!)

I learned how to do the eyelet foundation/stitch, which is a lot easier than it looks. Elizabeth White is something else. Check out the stuff she comes up with at Bella Crochet.

Two more days and I’ll be finished at this job. I’ll be home again. :-)

Poe Doily, round 6.
Poe Doily, round 6.

Two more days and I’ll be home with the kiddos and outside in this chair as often as possible, reading and crafting and being me.

Two more days…