Butterfly a Day #9

The needle is pointing to another little purple one. I decided there are enough perfectly cute craft photos out there, this is a picture of my WIP and my usual work space-the kitchen table. It’s pretty clean, honestly. This is the detritus from one day, lol. I like the kitchen because there is a lot of natural light and a nice big table to sit at. I prefer having a table for all my stuff. This is the center of our house, right in the middle of where anyone can be, so I’m still with the guys without hovering. They haven’t argued much this afternoon and are currently playing happily with trucks and magic sand. I’m going to bask in it as long as possible, until I change the dynamic by offering dinner. ;-)
I hear thunder outside…cross your fingers for rain tonight! It was a balmy 98 today, yesterday was 101 or something. I know it’s like 204 in places like Phoenix, but hot is hot!
I’m also in the last stretch of that reddish hooded vest!! I just might have enough yarn after all…if not, I found some bright pink stuff in my stash that looks great with this dark red colorway so whatever happens I’ll finish it and I’ll wear it asap. Hot or not!

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