I know. I know. I have a lot of these. Playing with yarn keeps me from snacking and is an excellent way to relax whilst a young one runs around like a beast.

Totoro Mittens
I love that movie. These are stranded knitted mittens with two colors of yarn at once. I’m getting better at getting my tension right so the colors look nice and the darker color doesn’t show through. It’s easier for me to use thicker weight yarn and make something I’ll use. (I made a purse/little bag once that is awesome but I never use it…I should dig it out). Anyway, both skeins are Lion Brand Wool-Ease. It is a wool blend that is machine washable, woot! The pattern is from brella, her pattern page says “Totoros are the shy forest spirits portrayed in Hayao Miyazaki’s Japanese animated film My Neighbor Totoro. There’s a big one with an umbrella, two little ones, and a bunch of dust bunnies (or soot sprites) who like to swirl out of dark corners. I wanted to capture all of these elements on mittens, which in the Norwegian tradition are wonderful surfaces for intricate stranded knitting designs.” These will be so cute and toasty! I really like them and will probably make more mittens like this.

Left palm

Its funny to see them come to life! Since the yarn is thicker they are stitching up very quickly. Once I tried using double points it went even faster.

Tunisian Crochet Ten Stitch Blanket
I just started this last week. Sometimes I get the urge to crochet. This promised to use up some stash yarn and have a cozy blanket. The pattern is from Dedri Uyswho writes a very cool blog. She has done two to three versions of this blanket. It does indeed burn through stash yarn and is indeed very quick to do and addictive! It’s only ten stitches around, worked in a spiral. I’m using a size 9 hook, which is bigfer than recommended for the yarn individually but it makes the blanky drape better (ie: flop around instead of act like a board) and tunisian stitches are tighter. I plan on using purple and white once that skein of blue is finally gone. The middle yarn is cotton and the other stuff is unknown acrylic. It is nice and soft and should be nice and warm. The corners are too fun to stitch!
Tunisian crochet differed from regular crochet in that it is almost a blend of both knitting and crochet. You pick up stitches like knitting, then crochet them back across. I love the texture.



Hope you are enjoying these. :-)

This one a day idea is pretty good…I get more posts out and I never run out of things to post about if I use WIPs, hahaha!
Part 3) Kai Socks
Pattern is Kai-Mei I by Cookie A in her book, Sock Innovations. She is another sock designer I adore. The pattern I beautiful. It is tricky though, with all that business in the gusset (of all places), but so so pretty! It’s a little hard to make out in the photo but the lace is nice. I think the color way and pattern fit perfectly. The picture of the sock knit up (on the tag) makes it look like a pint of Guiness. :-) I started this one last year and work on it now and then.
The yarn bowl is Cthulu Yarn Bowl by Peri Charlifu. We see him every year at Bubonicoin and his work is amazing.


I placed the yarn up so you can see the color way, but here is how it looks when it’s in the bowl. *sigh* I have the bowl on a shelf in the front room so I see it everyday. <_3br>

The stitch markers are form etsy, and are based on Dr Who. The theme is The Doctor and Rose. :-D The little key is to the TARDIS, naturally. The needles are Knit Picks. They are probably my favorite needles, which is unfortunate since I’m taking so long knitting these up…

2014-1-25: I frogged it. It was too much work and not as fun as it should have been, meaning it wasn’t fun at all. I started a new pattern with this yarn though, called Supernatural and it’s fun to knit it while watching the show. :-) Pics soon.

Part 2) The Bat Shawl.
I started this beast three years ago as one of my first lace pieces…oy. Don’t start a shawl for your first lace piece! I only need to do the border. I have started and that damn border 3 or 4 times! It’s the kind of project I have to concentrate on, with all the repeats, which is hard to do with kids and other semi-important things to do like dishes or dinner or something. But all in all this is an amazingly clever design and pattern. The yarn is custom dyed by Jen Lucas, color way is Gotham City at Night, per my request. It is so soft and squishy and the colorway came out beyond my wildest dreams.The pattern is Wa na na na na na na na Bat Shawl! by Emilee Mooney. I’ve since decided that triangular shawls are not my thing, but this one is the exception! Jen is a very talented designer and dyer. Check out her blog at http://knittinglikecrazy.com


You can (hopefully) see a bat on the left below the ball of yarn. Let’s see, what else…oh! The stitch markers I found online somewhere….they reminded me of Batman and the house colors of Hufflepuff. The needle is ChiaoGoo size 4, 32″ circular. Those are some yummy needles! I bought them specifically for this shawl this year. Lace needles have slightly sharper points than regular needle, so it makes a lot of difference when knitting. It sure is a lot easier! I haven’t gotten to this in a month or so but it’s in the WIP bag anyway. I hope to get some time alone with it soon.
More tomorrow!

I have a serious case of startitis. I also keep finding old projects laying around that suddenly seem very intriguing. I have a ton if WIPs right now and honestly, I love it! I love having them all in one pile/bag/place. I can look in the bag and say, “Hmmm….what should I work on today?” It’s very soothing to have the options and to knit/crochet on the couch, with the boys running around and fall outside my window. A cup of coffee and I am set.
Here is what I have going on at this very moment, not counting the plans I have for another sock and three scarves. (More on that when the yarn gets here next week!)
I’m going to post one a day, for funsies. I love checking projecty blogs every day, don’t you? Oh the pretties!

Part 1) I have the watermelon sock I posted about back in the spring:


It is Schoppel Wolle Zauberball, watermelon (” Durch die blume”) color. I use size 2 needles, double circulars. The ones pictures are Addi needles. I. Love. Them. Pattern is Circle Socks by Anne Campbell; I found her on ravelery. This pattern is easy and really fun to watch take shape. I love the heel!
This is a fun one to work on during a movie since the pattern is so easy to remember. I love double circs for socks because I don’t have to fumble with double points or magic loops. I don’t know, double circs and I just click!
Zauberball is amazing. The color gradient is ridiculously cool! I have another sock in the works with this brand, too, ugh! So pretty!