WIP Madness Part 6

Happy Halloween!! October is the best. Colorful scenery, crisp air, candy, and spooky stuff. Who could ask for more? We have glow in the dark bouncy balls to give out along with candy this year, yessss!
Dracula Shawl:
This is from one of Woolgirls’s wonderful yarn clubs. I think I got it last year (or before), but just now got the ambition to start it. I blame fall’s approach. This time of year I just want a hot cup of coffee, lace, scarves, and a good book, preferably a scary one, so why not revisit a classic?
(The pattern is written for beads, and I got 30g of Japanese Rocaille size 8 in shiny blood red. Adding beads is a lot more fun than I expected.) It is from Susanna IC. The yarn club is fun because I don’t have to buy a year’s worth, I can get one or as many kits as I want. This kit came with the pattern, exclusively dyed yarn (Madelinetosh lace no less), a nest blood drop inspired stitch marker, a shawl pin, and a little tin with Drac on it. I ordered a Edgar Alan Poe themed one this year, I hope it’s in the mail today!
Funny thing about the beads: I foolishly didn’t have the pattern notes when I shopped for the beads, so I bought three times as many as I actually needed. Sigh. Knitter problems. I guess now I have lots of sparkles for future projects…I love how sparkly the beads are. This will be a big shawl, more of a wrap.


See the super cool bracelet in there? It’s a stitch counter bracelet- an abacus to wear to count how many rows I’ve done. Penny made it for me out of a couple old bracelets I had. Remember the gemstone/rock bracelets from 1998? I had like 12 of those because they went on sale when I worked at Hastings. Through some glitch or twist of fate, the computer rang them up as 1¢ each with my employee discount. Scoooore! My faces were the hematite and labradorite, the ones now on the abacus bracelet. :-) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Penny makes the coolest stuff.
I keep this project in a neat basket that a friend gave me. (I love it, Janel!) I was playing with the camera and tried to make the photo all artsy for you.



Happy haunting!

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