WIP Madness Part 3

This one a day idea is pretty good…I get more posts out and I never run out of things to post about if I use WIPs, hahaha!
Part 3) Kai Socks
Pattern is Kai-Mei I by Cookie A in her book, Sock Innovations. She is another sock designer I adore. The pattern I beautiful. It is tricky though, with all that business in the gusset (of all places), but so so pretty! It’s a little hard to make out in the photo but the lace is nice. I think the color way and pattern fit perfectly. The picture of the sock knit up (on the tag) makes it look like a pint of Guiness. :-) I started this one last year and work on it now and then.
The yarn bowl is Cthulu Yarn Bowl by Peri Charlifu. We see him every year at Bubonicoin and his work is amazing.


I placed the yarn up so you can see the color way, but here is how it looks when it’s in the bowl. *sigh* I have the bowl on a shelf in the front room so I see it everyday. <_3br>

The stitch markers are form etsy, and are based on Dr Who. The theme is The Doctor and Rose. :-D The little key is to the TARDIS, naturally. The needles are Knit Picks. They are probably my favorite needles, which is unfortunate since I’m taking so long knitting these up…

2014-1-25: I frogged it. It was too much work and not as fun as it should have been, meaning it wasn’t fun at all. I started a new pattern with this yarn though, called Supernatural and it’s fun to knit it while watching the show. :-) Pics soon.

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