Well. Here we are.


Shelter in place and kids won’t be going back to school this year. So we’ve all become homeschoolers! Luckily the school system is helping a lot. Love to all the teachers that keep sending me ideas and stuff.

Let’s talk about crafts shall we? Now that I know I have more time to stitch, I’m working on a sock yarn blanket made with scraps and extras from my friends! It’s easy but not boring and the different colors will look great!

Here’s what I have from the last week and a half.

The container of more sock yarn, guarded by the ever-present Pusheen.

I love it! It’s going quickly. I think I’ll have more yarn than required, but I’ll just add it to the border.

Outside is good

Spoilers. That first triangle? Came out too long? Not equal sides. Oh well. I’m winging it now to see if I can get it to work out. 😉

I’ve been coloring a lot. Mostly coloring. I bought Color Quest Cityscapes (color by number) literally a couple hours before the stay-in-place orders. I’m so glad I did! Some of these look better from afar, they’re like pixels. I’m using some nice brush pens/markers.

Chrysler Building NY, USA
Dubai skyline United Arab Emirates
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany
Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy
Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janero, Brazil
St Basil’s cathedral, Moscow, Russia
Tyn church, Prague, Czech Republic
Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

I dug out some cross stitch and even the tatted elephant! I’ll post more on those soon.

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