Block Party

I finished a lot this fall! I need to block them all, though. I haven’t because I’m tired of blocking things on towels, on my bed. I have too many people and pets for that nonsense anymore. I’d like to get some blocking mats and then I can use either my mom’s giant table or my FIL’s pool table to block them.

I like this one: Knit Picks blocking kit

but if we’re on the subject of Knit Picks and upcoming holidays…

Unicorn sparkle awesomeness!!

Master plan

Let’s see. Where was I?

Oh! All the FOs (=finished objects). I finished Duke City, another (very) quick crochet shawl Voltage, and (very soon) a knit shawl Apple River. I became a parton for Jen Lucas this year and I’m so glad I did!! I keep getting all these amazing patterns and I’m stashbusting everything to knit all the things. Apple River and Volta are hers. I’m about to starter Paulette, once I decide which yarn to use. My stash is substantial. Srsly. AND this is what I’m currently working on, yarn-wise:


a blanket

Opus the Octopus

oo! Lemme geek out a bit over Opus. So he’s from an older issue of knitty. I went off and bought all the yarn, needles, whatevs for him and busted out his head in no time. But…the tentacles were taking…

sooo poor Opus sat alone in the WIPurgatory for years. Like 4, 5 years. I dug him out and I’m determined to finish him this year!! I’m really a better crocheter than a knitter. I spoke to a buddy about it and I planned out how to crochet the other 6 arms. I’ll post about that later; I think it’s interesting! It’s fun to think up how to hook stuff. I can think in crochet, not knitting. I feel I could probably crochet anything! I love it!!

I’m making a long cowl made up of fingering weight scraps. It’s fun to have it in my bag. (I like having something to do with my hands…I get anxious and staying busy/grounded helps!)

Mom gave me homemade tamales for lunch (thanks to her neighbor!) and now I can sit and try to finish Apple Shawl. I only have a bit left of the edging left to go!






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