Month: June 2016

  • Finish Friday

    Finished the Poe doily! I’m a sucker for this colorway. I don’t know where to put this doily yet but I really like it and it was fun to hook up.

  • Butterfly a Day #9

    The needle is pointing to another little purple one. I decided there are enough perfectly cute craft photos out there, this is a picture of my WIP and my usual work space-the kitchen table. It’s pretty clean, honestly. This is the detritus from one day, lol. I like the kitchen because there is a lot…

  • Butterfly a Day #8

    I like stitching a little every day! This one took about 20 minutes. The little ones closer to 10 or less.

  • WIP Wednesday-Clover Doily

    Finally finished Round 3, just cast on the first ring of Round 4. I still need to weave in the ends.

  • Butterfly a Day #7