There are 30 total. It was a long, but mostly fun day and it felt nice to sit still and stitch this little blue guy.
I’m also making some progress on Reflections of London. Hi Big Ben!

You know I have a lot of WIPs, you know this. I got a pretty kit for xmas and I thought it would be fun to do a butterfly a day, then backstitch/specialty stitch for 15 minutes a day. I bet I can finish this whole thing in a month!
It’s Dimensions 6846 Exotic Butterflies. I did 3 of them during xmas break, the big one yesterday (that’s the second biggest in the group, so it should be pretty easy to do one a day!) and the little purple guy this morning.
And oh, that cloud thread holder makes my day every time I see it! I got it on etsy here.