WIP Wednesday

I’m only 20 rows away from finishing Soft Mitts, another old WIP. I had a bad habit of starting new stuff when I was stressed, (yarn is fun after all), but then so busy I didn’t have time to finish! This is one of those. It’s an easy pattern and the yarn is like knitting a cloud. It’s just amazingly, indescribably soft.

It was a cold morning at the Taos Wool Festival and I was in line for coffee for 30 minutes, talking with a nice woman about yarn and such. I got to the third place in line when I found out they didn’t take cards, ack!! My line-friend bought me a cuppa, and I visited her booth later that day. She was working the Jabberwocky Farms booth. I bought my-admittedly-most-expensive-yarn-to-date and got the mitts pattern for free. The yarn is silk/cashmere and worth every cent! I can’t wait to finish these and tuck them in my jacket pocket for our morning walks.

Wow, that was in 2013. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Jabberwocky at TFW since then, but I love the memories in these mitts. The project is so small that I took them everywhere for awhile, a row here, 5-10 stitches there. I used circular needles for the first mitt and the magic loop method. That’s fiddly and a little awkward for me with small needles, so I changed to the vintage Boye straights when I found them. I love straights, especially aluminum. I got those in a bundle at a consignment store! woot!

Anyway, I dropped stitches, lost the pattern twice (still gone), rewrote the pattern the best I could by inspecting the first mitt…lots of good memories in this little project. :-)


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