I hurt my back a few weeks ago. I get sciatica sometimes but it has been some time since I had it last… Don’t know what I did, but this is the worst I’ve ever had. It felt like I had lightning for veins and my pelvis was trying to escape! Bed bound for 2 days and I used a cane for a week. I’m not looking for sympathy, just telling it like it is.

Well, one good thing about having to sit down a lot is that I had an awful lot of time to craft! It could take my mind off the pain, and it gave my hands something to do. I like to be busy, or at least have my hands busy because it’s hard for me to sit still.

(I swear I was reading too….but I misplaced my book at some point. It’s really good too so I keep searching for it! How could I lose a book!?)

I worked on my newest shawl for a long time. I’ve had these three colors hanging out for awhile now, waiting for the right pattern. You get it. I like how it looks (and feels) crocheted and at first I tried Lost In Time (swoon) but…it wasn’t right. It’s fussy to change color every row and my heart wasn’t in it. Somewhere along my third try on that pattern I tied together all the bits of rows from other tries and then I had a randomly changing colorway, lol. Then I came across Erigeneia on Ravelry. I started with the random colorway ball, now I’m doing the orange gradient set in blocks next to the silver. The edging will be Duke City Knitter by ZiaWoolz (in Sundancer yarn).


Side note: I just tie knots when I change colors. It’s much easier for me than weaving in (and forgetting some of it) tons of ends in a lacy shawl! Plus I don’t care about knots.

I hope this shawl is big enough to properly wrap up in!

That’s 1.5 skeins worth so far. The remaining ball is 2 skeins.

P.S. The project bag is hers too! Sometimes they’re on her etsy, but I find mine at The Yarn Store in Nob Hill. They’re soft and well made. She uses fun, unique fabrics!

P.P.S. for those who are wondering, I lost Destination Truth, which is kind of funny, really. I lost a book about lost creatures and places! It’s a great read, I can just hear Josh’s voice in my head.

(from a couple weeks ago)

This weekend is the biennial NM Fiber Arts Fiesta!! I look forward to this every two years! It’s at the fairgrounds and it’s a big deal. This year I even printed out the layout and marked all the booths I especially want to see. There will be sashiko, embroidery, beads, felting, spinning, yarnyarnyarn, and I’m getting light headed…

So excited

And the special guest this year is one of my favorite indie dyers, Anne Podlesak of Wooly Wonka! Swoon!

Speaking of favors indie dyers, I met up with Lorna Miser last week! The Lorna Miser of Lorna’s Laces fame! I remember buying LL in a yarn store in Houston, it was my first “fancy” yarn. It’s affordable and the colorway are amazing. Lorna has since sold LL, and this year got into dying again and started Zombie Yarns. (Get it? “Lorna’s dying again”?) She had a trunk show at The Yarn Store in Nob Hill and was a super nice person. Her new line is fantastic! I called it “happy goth” because the colorway were all the way from deep shadows to neons. Be still my happy Gothic heart! I found a speckled cotton DK weight and am making her Gutsy Shrug with it. It’s been a long time since a color way and pattern had me this thrilled. It’s so soft and the colors pop and sizzle.

Some have accused me of being easy to please, like it’s a bad thing. I see it as I found my niche, brought a blanket and a book, and made a nice warm drink to settle in. Find your bliss, then revel in it.

*? hours later ?*

My score!!

Four! gorgeous colors from Wooly Wonka on the left, a bunch of small skiens and a bag from Zia Woolz (full pic of all the skiens below), colorful sashiko thread and a dragon kit, a cute row counter, and a shawl kit from Spruce Dragon.

Pretty things:

I already started a Boneyard Shawl with all the leftover sock yarn and new samples, I love it! This project has been so fun throughout the whole process.

Mmm mini skiens

We had such a great time. I can’t wait for the next one!

I’m only 20 rows away from finishing Soft Mitts, another old WIP. I had a bad habit of starting new stuff when I was stressed, (yarn is fun after all), but then so busy I didn’t have time to finish! This is one of those. It’s an easy pattern and the yarn is like knitting a cloud. It’s just amazingly, indescribably soft.

It was a cold morning at the Taos Wool Festival and I was in line for coffee for 30 minutes, talking with a nice woman about yarn and such. I got to the third place in line when I found out they didn’t take cards, ack!! My line-friend bought me a cuppa, and I visited her booth later that day. She was working the Jabberwocky Farms booth. I bought my-admittedly-most-expensive-yarn-to-date and got the mitts pattern for free. The yarn is silk/cashmere and worth every cent! I can’t wait to finish these and tuck them in my jacket pocket for our morning walks.

Wow, that was in 2013. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Jabberwocky at TFW since then, but I love the memories in these mitts. The project is so small that I took them everywhere for awhile, a row here, 5-10 stitches there. I used circular needles for the first mitt and the magic loop method. That’s fiddly and a little awkward for me with small needles, so I changed to the vintage Boye straights when I found them. I love straights, especially aluminum. I got those in a bundle at a consignment store! woot!

Anyway, I dropped stitches, lost the pattern twice (still gone), rewrote the pattern the best I could by inspecting the first mitt…lots of good memories in this little project. :-)


I had a rough time last year, getting back into working full-time-all-the-time, and other stuff, so, I took a little break from everything and got re-centered, re-balanced. Away from the black.

That being said, I have some good plans to post at least once a week, as well as using Wednesdays as an excuse to post about WIPs.

One wonderful thing that happened during this was I got back into the joy of crafting,  not just the industrial attitude of finish-all-the-things after I would start something, lose interest, then forget about it. I started a couple amazing projects that were FUN, not stressful and I finished them quickly! My WIPs are dwindling, but somewhere along the way I stop worrying about them. Whew! Now I work on what sounds fun. I have a new project bag that’s awesome at holding enough to keep me interested and not too much!

Well, one of the new fun projects is the Holiday Luxe Box from McNeedles. I love all things New Orleans and saw their offer for French Quarter Blues on ravelry. I jumped on it! I received a very glittery package with some beautiful blue yarn and the Jackson Square shawl pattern by Beth Kling. It’s based on the wrought iron fences in the French Quarter. I’m in love with this kit. Look at those glass markers!!


McNeedles sent the little sweater measuring tape as a lagniappe. I love that word. The yarn is String Theory, custom dyed for this box. Luxurious, indeed. So squishy and…blue. I can fall into that blue.

This pattern is very easy to get into and dig in.I have it in my favorite project bag in my purse; it’s excellent for picking up to knit a few stitches or rows, then stuff back in the bag when I need to get going. I want to visit them sometime, and New Orleans. Maybe next year? J’espere!

I finished Cyndi! I went as far as 33 or 34 repeats, instead of 48. My yarn is quite a bit thicker and I just kind of knit until it was a good size for me. The edging (scallops/shells) are knit as the last row before binding off. It’s a lot easier than I thought it would be. It works a lot like a crochet shell. Granted, crochet is easier, but these were so cute and fun! I admit it, I giggled a lot making this. This is what they look like on the needle, before binding off:


And another couple shots while binding off:

look at those cute pink scallops!
My parent's carpet is so clean. I could live on the floors there.

Finished! I blocked it gently, with a quick bath in the sink with a few drops of Soak and I pulled it to the shape I wanted instead of pinning it. It made it that much softer.


the pink stripes are my favorite

My brother and his wife came for the holiday, and I bought some more yarn from LYS in Nob Hill (my favorite in town) for my now annual tradition of buying a new ball of something around Thanksgiving. (you know you do it too. Isn’t it wonderful when you find the perfect yarn for a project you have in mind, for much cheaper than you expected?) My brother and his wife are happy to drop me off at a LYS, then meet me for a drink, where I cast on Trillian (another Strickmich pattern) in a lovely purple Malabrigo Sock. This year we went to Astro Zombies comic store, then The Yarn Store at Nob Hill, then Tractor Brewing Co! woohoo! I had a berry cider and it was amazing. So sweet and light. Like the air on a crisp fall afternoon.


SIL found a hidden gem in Bernalillo, too, the Kaktus Brewing Company. It is small and warm and friendly. I had the best red rye I’ve ever tasted. It was smooth and spicy and just wonderful.


I packed up Trillian in my purse for on-the-go knitting, and I worked on it a little during Thanksgiving. :-) I also brought the Epic Doily to tat…Here’s my progress:

that's your average beloved authors' hardback for scale

The latest row is pretty floppy, but I got the hang of it. It should straighten out nicely with the next row, which will connect to all those floppy rings.
I’ve been writing up the pattern as I go as well, I’ll post that here whenever I finish it.
Hope you had a nice holiday! If you aren’t in the states, and you found this site somehow, hope you had a nice Thursday!