Week 12/13 WIPs and other wonderful things

The weather is full on not-winter! It should be 83 degrees today with a 5pmh breeze and clear skies. YASS!
Busy busy as usual, but the beautiful weather helps a lot especially now that everything is turning bright green and the flowers are coming out. The boys and I headed to the zoo today with my mom.
We were there at 9:30 and we got back home at 4:45. It was the best day I’ve had in a long time. :-) We rode the train between parks for the first time! woot! Definitely doing that as often as possible. We have a zoo in one part of town, and the aquarium/biopark-botanical gardens is only a little ways over, just a short train ride. Maybe 2 miles? It was so much fun. When you get a pass for one park and buy a train ticket you can see all of the parks all day. So. Much. Fun! We saw both male/bull elephants: Samson and Albert. Here is a picture of Albert, playing with his ball. I love elephants! I even found this cute shirt yesterday at Target. W said I should wear it to the zoo, so there you go. We’re all about animals today.



He was rolling around a huge ball, just like a cat would. On the way home we stopped and got pizza (Papa Murphy’s), so dinner is even done.

I organized my WIPs again because I’m one of those people that love to take everything out of a bag, lay it nicely, then put it back. Now I can take my fave bag everywhere. ;-)

I feel warm and tingly. I may have got sunburned again. That, and/or I am completely relaxed. mmmm

P.S. Yet again, I wrote and forgot to post. ;-) More soon!

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