I made this up when I was learning picots and rings. :-)
R: 2-4-2—2-4-2.

*Translation: To form a ring: 2ds, small picot, 4ds, small picot, 2ds, very large picot, 2ds, small picot, 4ds, small picot, 2ds. Close ring and tie off. Weave/hide ends.



  • muskaan

    Simple as simple can be !!! It’s all about seeing patterns, isn’t it.
    I used your idea, but a different technique. Will post about it soon. Could show you the turtle if you like, though.

    • kmleiting

      I cant find my original turtle…so I’ll make another. I’d love to see yours and the different technique! I made this up about a year ago but never remembered to post about it.

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