Little Update

Still crazy for tatting. Here are some bookmarks I finished (finally!). That orange one is Clover Bookmark by Kelly Luljak and it was tough! The pattern is fine but I learned a lot by making a bunch of newbie mistakes, then fixing them. I added one too many clovers to one end but I like the effect. I gave this one to Penny because she reads a lot (like even those massive 1000+/multiple volumes tomes) and she liked the colorway. It is Orange Crush from Lizbeth, size 10. It came out pretty big (hey! it’ll fit those tomes) so I’m making another one with size 20 thread for myself (see WIP pic below). It blocked out really well and you can’t even tell where I made newbie mistakes. Love it!


The other flowery bookmark is Flower Bookmark by . I used size 10 in two colors (Confetti and Mint). This was my first shot at using two different threads and I think it worked out beautifully! I already have like 3 more of these in different colors planned out. It was super quick to tat.


I branched out to try motifs next, which are mostly in the round, with several rounds/layers. I am working on the Tatted Rose Medallion by the extremely talented Nancy Tracy at She has the best patterns and diagrams. I’m using Honey Drizzle (size 10, again Lizbeth, yup, I have a lot of Lizbeth). It’s night time, so the colors won’t pop in the pic like they do in person but I am really pleased with it so far!

That's an Aerlit shuttle on the left and a Dymondwood shuttle on the right. It's a little pricy but super nice. Both are from, oh you can guess, Handy Hands.

I made myself a little to-go box for my tatts. I just love it when the shuttle/needles/hook matches the yarn/thread. The clover bookmark will be done in Patriotic Twirlz Lizbeth thread. It only comes size 20 for now but you just wait, I’ll have more when it’s released. It is made of three separate strands of colored thread that are then spun together so it has a unique blended look to it…”twirly” I guess. I’ve seen other reviews that claim it twists more than other threads…but I haven’t noticed. Thread gets twisty by it’s nature, no biggie. I like how my hand looks when the shuttle is spinning out, like some kind of spider woman’s hand.
Last but not least I also made these fun lego travel boxes for the boys:


Dance party! Everything is awesome!

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