WIP Madness Part 11: Chevrons

We visited Old Town when my brother and his wife were here for Thanksgiving. I had to stop by the yarn store of course, and found this stuff. Normally I don’t really like artsy yarn, but they had one knit up next to the display and it was neat! I like these colors because they remind me of the desert, and will be wicked cool against my black coat. I think it’s fun to see the different stripes and types show up. The fluffy stuff at the beginning is silly soft. It’s nice to just knit on whenever, plus I get to use the Galadriel yarn bowl. <_3br>


P.S. Peri Charlifu makes these bowls. I won this and the Cthulu bowl at Bubonicons past. He is a professional potter from Colorado. I’d like to see a Doctor Who yarn bowl…or a Poe/raven inspired one someday.


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