Oh boy.

Look at this! I found all of this in the Closet of Stuff and the Basket of Things. Think about adding a dozen or two wee little stitches patterns to my collection and that adds up to a lot of stitching to be done, besides what I posted last week.

It just didn't stop. I kept pulling out another, and another, and oh look there's one under that other one…

All the kits I have left, plus some cool patterns I collected over the years.

I’m not kidding, I have 24+ wee little stitches patterns. I’ve stitched a lot of them, but I have 12+ left I’d love to get to eventually, and I still want to buy a couple more! ;-) First step is admitting I have a problem…ok maybe not a “problem”, maybe just a favorite hobby of awesomeness. B-)

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