I made a list of all my WIPs. Want to see it? Why not, who doesn’t like a nice list?

  • Happy Kat samplers (2 of them, to be used as headers soon)
  • Blackwork Sampler
  • Rio Grande by NP Designs
  • Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc by weelittlestiches
  • Batman epic adorableness (all three Bat-patterns by weelittlestiches)
  • Man’s Best Friend by Dimensions Gold
  • Golden Puppy by Dimensions Gold (to be referred to as DG from now on)
  • Pinocchio by Thomas Kinkade Crafts (the boys love this story)
  • a book mark I’ve been working on, then losing, then finding for about 8 years (it’s in my purse now so I might even finish it)
  • House of Leaves sampler (oh this book!)
  • Prick Your Finger by Twisted Stitches
  • Mighty Samurai by DG (epic. Just epic. I have his left hand and a little of the belt done. This one will take awhile.)
  • a little 3D sushi ornament
  • Midnight Dance by DG
  • Dreaming of Tuscany by DG


Criminy! I keep vowing to finish something before I start something else. You can see how well that’s been working out. :-P

Here’s one more list. I found these kits hidden away in my closet.

  • Japanese Maiden by DG
  • Clipper Ship Voyage by DG
  • Historic Voyagers by Elsa Williams
  • Jewels of the Orient by DG
  • Yei II by NP Designs
  • not to mention many patterns in the many pattern books I have ;-)

I love lists.

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2 responses to “Listed”

  1. heh! they do pile up, don’t they? last year (year before?) I went and dumped a bunch just because I couldn’t see straight. It made me crazy.

    How do you keep them all going? I find that I steal tools and pieces from one to work on another. … or just straight up lose the pattern. DOH!

    • I am super organized! Each has their own box of thread colors needed, scissors, etc. If there is a color I use for multiples, it usually travels to the one I’m working on. I have a big bag full of all of the WIPs I want to work on, and I pull out the one I want to work on. I have the bag easily accessible in the den, too, next to the yarn project bag! I’ve only ever lost one pattern (the puppy) and it still freaks me out a little, lol. I scan or copy them and save the original like it’s papyrus.

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