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  • ?!?

    Only blue left!!! Then backstitching!!!

  • Random fun I got this fun list from stitcherybutchery on tumblr   How long have you been stitching? Since I was 14. My brother’s friend showed me how, and I derped my way through it! It was a cat on a window. I remember I gave it to my friend. I must have bought it as a…

  • Paging Doctor Whenwillthisbefinished…

    Progress! Just the bottom and blue box left. Gotta be honest….I’m…not…looking forward to the blue box. I’m hoping I’ll get inspired once I finish the bottom!

  • Don’t blink!

    Blink and you’re dead!!

  • About time!

      I’m at the angel!! I’m below the flower!! This is the section I’ve been looking forward to the most.