I got this fun list from stitcherybutchery on tumblr


  1. How long have you been stitching?
  • Since I was 14. My brother’s friend showed me how, and I derped my way through it! It was a cat on a window. I remember I gave it to my friend. I must have bought it as a kit at the local craft store. (Anyone else remember Winn’s?) I’ve been hooked ever since!!
  1. What’s your favorite finished piece?
  • It’s a tie between this sampler

and this lady

  1. When and where do you typically stitch?
  • Literally anywhere I can! But mostly at home at the kitchen table. Or at my kids sports practice.
  1. What kind or music do you like to listen to while stitching?
  • Audio books or scary stories on youtube if I’m not home, or Netflix at home.
  1. How many pieces are you working on now? Lol! Truth time! Um…, 10:
  • Dr Who sampler
  • blackwork sampler
  • Snooze
  • Happily Ever After SAL (2nd one for me)
  • Steotch 2018 SAL
  • Space Unicorn
  • I love bats sampler
  • Winchester House
  • Winter Ride

Those are the ones I’ve started but haven’t finished. I’m actively working on Dr Who, Steotch, and the blackwork sampler.

  1. How many boxes, bags, and other containers do you have holding unused floss and cloth?
  • I recently consolidated all that from a big bin to 6 containers, including fabric and floss. I put fabric and patterns in a briefcase, favorite patterns in a file folder, floss in a little 3 drawer plastic box, my active WIPs are in a large project bag, others are in another bag, and a couple small active WIPs are in a smaller work bag.
  1. Do you have any other crafty/artsy hobbies?
  • Oh yeah, one’s not enough. Knitting, crochet, writing, diamond art/painting, tatting, drawing, and coloring.
  1. Any unrelated hobbies? (sports, music, etc)
  • Reading, tsum tsum collecting, watching movies
  1. Have you ever made pieces as a gift for someone else? Who?
  • So many gifts for so many people! I lost track. My parents have the most. I stitched a few puppy and southwest items for them over the years.
  1. How/where do you get your patterns?
  • Online (such as Etsy, weelittlestitches, Frosted Pumpkin) Dimensions kits, books….I especially love indie designers!
  1. Do you follow any other stitchers on tumblr or elsewhere you’d recommend?
  • Yes!

Steotch has a wicked SAL once a year:

  • Etsy shops I love:

  • tumblrs that are fun:











oh man, now I really need to get stitching! 😍

Still here! Still stitchin’.

It’s been  long road, but I’m becoming an experienced traveler. I’m working hard at focusing on one or two projects at a time and not doing too much all the time. When I started that, it was a couple years ago, and I had over 27 knitting WIPs alone! I broke those down within a year or so, then got going with crochet and tatting. Last year I got back into reading again! Like finding an old friend. I got back into the stories I enjoy, and back into my Read-At-Least-50-Pages-or-3-Chapters-Before-Moving-On method.

I left cross stitch for last, because that (other than reading) is my longest hobby. I go through my supplies every couple months, and I have started being honest with myself about what I really want to make vs what’s pretty cool. So I gave away a bunch of kits and patterns, and now I feel like a weight has been lifted (or a schedule cleared?) so I can get into what I want to do! I blew through a lot of my Doctor Who sampler. My simple, reachable, goal is to finish it this year. If I finish other stuff? Bonus! No pressure.

This is where I left off sometime in the last 2 years:











And where I am now:

Past the half-way mark!

I’m finally close to the bottom half!!

I had to put both my samurai and the fan girls in hibernation. I hate the starchy Aida they came with, so I’ll order some nice hand-dyed fabric later. Plus….I messed up at some point in the last 15 years with the Samurai so I need to start over anyway.

We had a wonderful 4th! The BFFs came over with watermelon, steaks, and good company. The fireworks were great; only a few were loud (like whistles and pops). The ones I can remember best are Jade Fountain and Resolution. Both were fountains and pretty quiet. (none of us really like the loud ones, my youngest especially) Dinner was delicious and we watched Jurassic World until it was dark enough to set off the sparks.

It was really nice to sit and stitch and talk with P. Found out she had never seen The Witches, so I obliged! SO much fun; that movie always has a surprise. P knows more about sewing garments than me, so she noticed a lot of fun things about the dresses. She told me about the Mouse and the Motorcycle movie that came out around the same time, that I somehow missed in my childhood…I’ll have to find that!

I’ll be honest, I still start projects, but the difference is I usually frog them and get back to my WIPs. It’s not perfect, but it’s progress in the right direction.

Bah, off the computer now! I want/need to do some thing around the house, then I can stitch away. It’s been so nice outside I can’t wait to sit under the tree and relax with this WIP.