Finish A Thing v2020


My good friend Beth started a fun challenge back in 2015 called, wait for it, Finish A Thing 2015. It was a fun group on ravelry. I ended up surprisingly surpassing my goal! Now, “finishing” can mean finishing any WIP but it can also mean leaving some behind or quitting a project. If it’s stressing me out and I’d rather be working on something else, why torture myself? I was able to frog a lot of projects that just didn’t spark anymore. I was also able to let go of most of my stash so now I only have yarn I have plans for, like I see in the organizing videos out there.

I made a list in my planner for my recent WIPs that I do want to finish.

I like having a nice list to visually represent what I’m thinking about. (my thoughts fly around a lot so lists are awesome!)

I thought I’d share the idea because everyone needs something fun and colorful nowadays. FAT2020 doesn’t have to be for crafts, either. Like finally going through old clothes or cleaning out the garage or train your dogs not to bark at the doorbell.

I. Am. Pumped! Are you up for the challenge?


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