Pam Palmer’s Festival Elephant

When I started tatting, I found pictures of this elephant online. I couldn’t (still can’t) get over it! I looked and looked over the last couple years and finally got a copy of it. I decided to treat myself this week, and bought the rest of the thread I need to make it. My LYS now carries tatting stuff! Be still, my heart! I even bought extra bobbins for my Aerlit shuttle. I’ll put the colors on those first, so it’s easier to switch back and forth.

(Edit: found this post in the depths of my Drafts. This was over a year ago, maybe 2)

I’m making so much progress on the elephant! Here are some old pics of it.

TBH this part was the hardest. Once I got done with this it went faster.
Elephant butt!
Legs 25%
Legs 50%

I didn’t get many pictures of the head in progress but these are from last night:

The gold part of the headpiece was so fussy.

I had to switch shuttles because the Aerlit wouldn’t hold a bobbin anymore. I can gently “squish” a metal shuttle to make it tighter but not the plastic one. The Moonlit is my favorite shuttle anyway! Winding the colors on bobbins ahead of time worked out very well. I’ll do that again with my Boye shuttle sometime.

I hope to finish the trunk today, then the front and legs! All that’s left after that is the howdah (saddle)!

I’m going to get a shadow box to hold it when I finish. I’ll block it in the shadow box. I may need some shorter pins if I can find them.

More soon!

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