Tat It And See 2015

Jane Eborall (kind of like the Yarn Harlot of tatting, in my opinion) has an annual tat-along and I’m going to try it this year! I have all my supplies ready:


She’ll post a new row each week, and we won’t know what it is for a few weeks! I’ll post my progress here as I go. Fun!! I haven’t tatted with a button yet. I’m excited to practice split rings, too.

Day 1: Jan7
I can’t believe it. I stitched this up in about 15 minutes! I think the diagrams she provides are very good, plus I compared my work to pictures on Craftree that other’s have tatted already. Wonder what this is going to be?? Any ideas so far?

OOPS! Thanks to the lovely people at Craftree, I found out I goofed. I was supposed to join in the same button hole, so here is the fixed product. I did take about 20 minutes of patiently undoing the tatting, but it worked out.

hmmm. This windowsill makes an excellent background.

Day 2 January 7:
No mistakes this time! The little rings are getting…littler. I’m guessing a starfish or star at this point…ideas?

Day 3 January 13:
Even more teeny tiny rings!! I hope they get bigger next time.

Day 4 January 16:
I think it’s a tail of some kind. Crocodile or T-Rex? Still thinking starfish too. We get another one in just a day and I’m excited to keep going! B thinks it might be a caterpillar.

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