Almost There

I think I can finish this round today!! I have about 5 more rosettes/flower clusters to go, then I can take a break with a different color thread (love that variegated) and an easier round. It’s Sunday on Labor Day Weekend, we have NO plans for today, we’re still in our pjs, I can finish this fiddly round.


It seems like I finish something every Labor Day. Once I read an entire book over three days (The Ruins), started and finished a doll for my son (a crocheted Mario), and one year I made a little activity cloth book for the boys. This year I want to finish round 3 of the Spring Doily 2014 and start round 4. I still have a day left, so I might even finish a book I started last week (The Lost Island) since I only have about 75 pages left. Oh! And our 8th wedding anniversary is in two days. Labor Day weekend rules!


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