A cubmaster wears many hats, you know, so I’m taking that literally this year!

September: popcorn hat

It’s a headband!

October: top hat (fun story about it later)


November: super secret awesome-sauce giant hat (I’m still making it, this is the hat base)

Dog tail for scale.

I’ll take more pics as I finish each piece for the giant November hat and show how I put it together in another post.

Another doily! So many doilies. This one is crocheted with the cool Poe colors I posted before. There will be a lot of ends to sew in, but that’s OK. (Not as bad as a Dr Who scarf!)

I learned how to do the eyelet foundation/stitch, which is a lot easier than it looks. Elizabeth White is something else. Check out the stuff she comes up with at Bella Crochet.

Two more days and I’ll be finished at this job. I’ll be home again. :-)

Poe Doily, round 6.
Poe Doily, round 6.

Two more days and I’ll be home with the kiddos and outside in this chair as often as possible, reading and crafting and being me.

Two more days…

Also, How to Add Lettering From a Different Pattern/Combine Two Patterns. ☺

Here are all the progress pics I took. I think the whole project took about 3 weeks. That’s awesome!!




I googled “adventure quotes” and found this one from The Three Musketeers. I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my list!


The alphabet is from Better Homes & Gardens 2001 Cross Stitch Designs. I love www.printablepaper.com for custom graphs! You can pick any size you like/need and download the pdf for free. AMAZINGLY helpful. I chose the 10 squares per inch because it’s easier for me. Most patterns are laid out in a 10×10 grid. I counted how many boxes (10×10 square=1 box) high and wide the crest pattern is, and wrote that down, to be sure I didn’t go wider than the crest and to be sure I could get close to centering it.

Then I wrote out the quote, and counted in the alphabet pattern how many stitches each letter takes. I figured about 2 stitches between the lower case letters and 3 between the upper case letters would be good spacing and added that count too. I count up the stitches in each word and wrote down the count.

Then, I looked at the crest pattern again and cotned how many boxes were on either side fo the center line. I had about 25-30 stitches on each side to work with, without going over 30 on each side. That’s a lot of stitches so I didn’t want to crowd the words and get too far to one side.

I quickly wrote out an idea of placement for the letters, like this:

Never Fear
but seek

And my first try looked great just like that, so I went about drawing the center line on the graph. I added the stitch count on the first two words and halfed it, then sketched it on the graph.( Keep in mind a lot of this process is kind of hit and miss, fix as I go, fly by the seat of my pants, lol.)

“Never Fear” was off center on my first try but I liked the look of it and thought making the next couple lines go progressively to the right would look nice. I drew in the letters and approved it. I made “Harzardous” centered, then “ADVENTURE” centered beneath it. I went with all caps on that for a little drama. The loop-de-loops on the capital letters threw me for…a loop…so I added a box between in each letter to see how it would help fill it in without overcrowding it. Love it!

I decided to make the words about ten stitches below the crest. that’s just enough space to make everything look even. I rarely measure with a ruler or anything, it’s all stitch counts on the fabric and “boxes” on the pattern. Dad would say I “eyeballed it”.


Ta-da! I wanted to finish this before a stitch-a-long starts in a couple weeks. I’ve had so much fun with it!

I found another pattern in my stash, Masquerade by Ink Circles. I ordered some more glorious fabric from Garibaldi’s Needlework for that, in a nice purple. I’m kind of hoping to have it for Halloween/Fall this year. I made the mistake discovered her website and bought three more patterns! Those should arrive in the mail this week! woohoo! I have some black fabric in the stash I’m hoping will fit one of these (dare I hope, two?).

Hooray for cross stitch wizardry and subversive stitchery!

It’s pretty early, I can’t think of a better, more clever title. Literal always works well, right?
I have been looking, (lazily I admit), for this Dimensions kit for years. Like as long as I remember. Before college? Anyway, my brother likes the painter this is based on and I finally found this one on sale and snagged it. (I know that’s not a very exciting story, but it was pretty satisfactory when I finally found it on sale) I’m bored of and/or frustrated with everything else I’m working on, so I started this one yesterday when Penny and Mike came over for a visit. That’s prime crafting time for me, because I get double the help with kiddo stuff.
Anyway. I digress.
I should mention I’ve never done a stamped cross stitch before. Turns out it is easier than I thought it would be, and quite a bit quicker, since I don’t have to count every little stitch. Which is pretty nice because I’m super tired of the big x stitch I’m also working on. More on that later. Counting is hard.
This is Dimensions Kit #2330, “Snooze”. It comes with everything you need, two needles, thread (conveniently organized! woot!), chart, directions, and fabric. I’m using a hoop for this to keep the stitches even. It’s from Loops and Threads and I’m really impressed with it. It’s easy peasy to adjust and it feels good to hold it; it’s just a comfy hoop. Awesome!
I didn’t take a picture of everything in the bag before I opened it. I’ll let you use your imagination.
First things, first, I always make a color copy of the pattern on as many pages as needed. This one is only two copied pages. This prevents me from damaging or losing the original pattern. I only lost one pattern, but it was devastating lemme tell you. Good news is that Dimensions will happily replace any patterns, or even extra thread if you run out. I like keeping a copy to mark up and highlight.


Speaking of marking up, yay sharpies! I mark the color-coded symbols right onto the thread organizer to make it easier to change thread while stitching. I mark the symbol, the stitch needed, and the number of threads required. For example: [] 3x = symbol for black thread, three strands, cross stitch. In this kit I abbreviated couching as “c” and backstitching as “b”. It’s not rocket science, but it’s fun to draw and label things. :-) I think organizing and preparing the kit is part of the fun!


Some kits don’t come pre-organized like this, and I use the included thread card or my own index cards to organize loose threads. Like combined colors! This kit uses combined colors, so I use an index card for those. You have to combine them yourself, which I do as needed in the project because it takes awhile and I’m too excited about starting as soon as possible.
I write the symbol, and the ratio of colors next to it. The names of the colors along with the number of strands needed, and the stitch required. So the top left combined color would read: red star = 1 strand gold+2 strands dark gold as a cross stitch. I punched holes in the card next to the color to hold the thread (I forgot to do that before I took the picture-use your imagination).


I know it looks like a lot of work, but it took me less than 10 minutes, since the thread was already organized for me. This method is really helpful when the thread just comes in bundles and you have to separate the colors one by one.
My progress from yesterday:


I did all those blue stitches. Yup, some of them are backwards. Oh well. I think I have the hang of it now. I read somewhere that it’s bad luck to have every single stitch a perfectly perfect stitch, that the “wrong” ones just reflect how nobody is perfect. I agree with that and will add that if there isn’t any stray pet hairs in there it isn’t finished. lol
Oh, I said something about another project, didn’t I? I was having trouble keeping track of those half stitches in Man’s Best Friend, and learned about graphing out the 10×10 blocks used in the pattern. I had some leftover red thread, so I counted out the blocks. When I’m done stitching I’ll simply pull out the red thread. It took me 3-4 times to get the stupid blocks right, and exactly 10×10! ack! But this should help a lot in keeping track of where I’ve been. Sometimes just counting is not the easiest way. I decided to stop fighting myself over it and do the grid. It certainly looks less daunting now.


There is a lot of prep involved with cross stitch, but I think putting everything in it’s place is half the fun. ;-)

One more thing! I found a pouch when I cleaned part of my room, and I put all my favorite pens in there, plus all my embroidery and tatting needs, so I won’t (hopefully) lose anything I need for a project again. Like misplacing the nice scissors, or wondering where my good highlighter went.


Office supply stores always have a bunch of different pencil cases on sale in September. I can never have enough of them.
Okay then. Off to stitch some more. Happy stitching!