What a beautiful day! 67degrees and clear skies. I’m even drying laundry outside!
Trillian is moving along:


I had this in my purse but swapped it for the Spring Doily 2015. It’s fits better in there anyway.
I finished Round 1 of the Spring Doily 2015! I’m really pleased with it. I made one or two small mistakes but nothing major. It adds character. ;-)
(I bought a pretty rosewood shuttle too. It’s pretty fiddly though, even for a tatting shuttle, but I’m getting used to it. It’s so pretty and feels nice.)


I also got about 5 or 6 rows done on the Juicy Top, but it’s just white on white rectangle, so no pic right now.
I started Riechenbach Falls Cap again, just barely into one or two rows. This is a funny looking pattern when it’s going, but it really comes together after the crown. I might get to this tonight during Great British Bake Off.


And I have all of this snug as a bug in my new yarn bag from Yarn & Coffee in Santa Fe. I bought yarn to go in it of course, but I couldn’t think of what to cast on, lol, for once! So it’s more WIPs for now is fine with me. I plan on taking this bag around with me to work, wherever. I can then remember to take a few minutes for myself now and then and make something pretty.


That’s all the news for now! I hope some of this nice weather hits you too!

I finished the walls on my Tuscany! All that’s left is the backstitching!! I’m over the moon to finally finish this. (I put my square doily away because I was getting bored with it for now. Plus, realistically, one Finish A Thing a month is more likely to get finished.)

oof those grapes are all black and dark purple. oof

I finished my hat! I love it. It’s soft and warm. I tried Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off for the first time and loved that too.

It looks better on. SO soft and warm!!

My oldest turned 7 last week, and requested a T Rex about a week before his birthday. He’s so sweet, he said “I know it’s short notice so it’s ok if it’s not done on my birthday. He’s the coolest guy ever. He wanted to put the safety eyes on so we that last week. I got a cold too, (gross), but am slowly getting over it and ready to finish his lil dino.

I can’t get the picture to load. Oh well. Another day.

I was working on another neat hat for me, the Women’s Peaked Cap (by Yarnspirations), but I tried it on at round 14, like it suggests, and it was too small. Well that was about 1/3 of the way, so I frogged it and started over with a larger hook. It’s a fun pattern, so I took it as practice for the second round, and I’ll be even happier knowing it will fit! I named mine Reichenbach Falls Cap. It looks like a stylized, feminine version of the deerstalker Holmes is famous for. Now I can solve mysteries and go on adventures in style! If that’s not enough UK fangirl for you, I love to work on that hat while watching The Great British Bake Off on PBS on Sunday nights. swoon!

I started following The Crochet Crowd and they’re the ones who suggested this cute hat. They have some very cool blanket patterns and ideas too. The videos and posts are fun and light; I’m glad I found them. I like having a few of those unicorn-chaser websites to go to when the world gets dark.

Day 8 of the TIAS came out this morning! I’ll upload the progress on Day 7 and 8 soon!

Here’s what’s happening on the tatting front:
I did finish the third round on the Epic Doily! I estimate this thing is going to be at least 24 inches across when I’m done. I admit, I considered thoring in the towel since it is going to be so big, but meh, I don’t want to start over and it will be fun to see how big it gets, lol. B says we can use it as a lap blanket. I say table cloth for Special Occasions. Or a net to catch things maybe. I had to put it in a bigger bag instead of my usual box because it has outgrown it’s previous home. Oh, and I switched to both the Moollit and Aerlit shuttles because they have hooks on them and it makes the tatting a lot faster. I will have to buy more thread soon. What have I gotten myself into??


I also started Tatted Mask from www.free-tatting.com. It’s another Russian pattern written and shown as a diagram/photo. I wrote out the pattern from the  notes and the pics, and printed out a copy of the pattern picture. It’s coming along nicely! I’m using Purpleberry LizBeth Twirlz size 10. I think the size 10 will be just right for an adult face. I’m already thinking how fun this mask would be if it was themed as Batman villains or something. :-)


On another note, Taos Wool Festival is coming up in only 4 weeks!! SO excited! Penny and I are going again, and maybe some more friends. Sounds like she’s going to bring her new wheel. I’m already thinking about what to bring. I’ll bring my mask, doily, a pair of knit fingerless gloves (the cashmere stuff I bought at Taos last year) and maybe one more thing. Maybe not. I always bring too much then buy something new and ignore everything I brought, lol. I’m going to bring better coffee too (for the motel-I’m one of those people) and since I’m driving I’m thinking of fun on-the-go dinners to pack everyone for the car ride. Last year Penny made us bento dinners with rice and veggies. They were delicious! It’s my retreat, a familiar, comfortable place I get to visit once a year at the beginning of my favorite season with one of my favorite people. So excited!

Update #2:
:-) I tried it and it fits! So cool!
I’m going to make the other side, and attach it at about the halfway mark, where I can see it on the picture. I like using the Twirlz for this because you can’t tell which is the front or back; it matches well.

Around Christmas time, knitty came out with another fantastic Franklin Habit pattern, a plaid (yes! PLAID) scarf! I immediately printed it out, read the blog post, found some stash yarn (yay me!) and got to it. I have fond memories of knitting on it while watching  Brisco County Jr with B and while sitting next to the tree with a glass of pale yellow wine. *sigh*
Then I messed up on it, and after feverishly knitting for a week or so, I had a small hissy fit and stuffed it in a drawer. Everything had been going so well! I used stash yarn, even when I ran out of a color I used a new one, boldly transitioning into a color that didn’t “match” but nonetheless looked wonderful. I punched through that pattern in like 9 days. During the holidays. With kids. BAM.

See those vertical stripes on the right? That's where I messed up. They're too short, although you can't tell in the picture.

Ugh! SO rather than throw it across the room after my own mistake (went too fast, didn’t think it through) I put it away for later. When I wasn’t mad. My journal entry says “I’ll get back to it soon”.
Aaaannnd, cut to 6 months later. Franklin Habit has a new article in the First Fall Knitty 2014 and I thought of that damn scarf again.
If I were to make another one, and honestly I might, I would not connect the cowl until I finished the final stripes/weaving. Then I would notice if it was too tight and could stretch it a bit as I wove, so it would fit better the first time. I didn’t do that this time, but I can fudge it. Like any good crafter, and like many crafty people before me, I’ll repeat to myself “I can fix this” as many times as I need to. ;-) I may have to frog it and start over…as in take the whole thing apart…sigh…I hope not. It would most likely sit in the drawer for another 6 months/years.

My friend Beth gave me this pattern awhile ago and I finally found a neat colorway I like for it. It’s Atlantis from KnitPicks Imagine yarn. Pretty…