I’m only 20 rows away from finishing Soft Mitts, another old WIP. I had a bad habit of starting new stuff when I was stressed, (yarn is fun after all), but then so busy I didn’t have time to finish! This is one of those. It’s an easy pattern and the yarn is like knitting a cloud. It’s just amazingly, indescribably soft.

It was a cold morning at the Taos Wool Festival and I was in line for coffee for 30 minutes, talking with a nice woman about yarn and such. I got to the third place in line when I found out they didn’t take cards, ack!! My line-friend bought me a cuppa, and I visited her booth later that day. She was working the Jabberwocky Farms booth. I bought my-admittedly-most-expensive-yarn-to-date and got the mitts pattern for free. The yarn is silk/cashmere and worth every cent! I can’t wait to finish these and tuck them in my jacket pocket for our morning walks.

Wow, that was in 2013. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Jabberwocky at TFW since then, but I love the memories in these mitts. The project is so small that I took them everywhere for awhile, a row here, 5-10 stitches there. I used circular needles for the first mitt and the magic loop method. That’s fiddly and a little awkward for me with small needles, so I changed to the vintage Boye straights when I found them. I love straights, especially aluminum. I got those in a bundle at a consignment store! woot!

Anyway, I dropped stitches, lost the pattern twice (still gone), rewrote the pattern the best I could by inspecting the first mitt…lots of good memories in this little project. :-)


Almost done with my Amalthea shawl!! Only 8 rows left! What a treat, this was so fun. All the stripes were fun and the colorways are gorgeous. I wove in the ends as I went, like one does in a Doctor Scarf. (more on that on my project page) Weaving/knitting the ends as I go saves so much time at the end. All I have to to then is clip the ends and block it.

I can’t wait to wear it. It feels amazing finishing something while there’s still some winter time left to wear it!


Pattern is the Stratocaster Shawl from Wooly Wonka. Yarn is Wooly Wonka Fiber Ceridwen sock weight- the four purples came in a set called Nocturne and the silver is one skein of Pewter in the Arianhrod sock yarn. it has little bits of silvery thread throughout that gives it a nice sparkle. I used a size 5 circular Boye. It’s the same one I slammed in the car door, crimping one needle, lol.

I had a rough time last year, getting back into working full-time-all-the-time, and other stuff, so, I took a little break from everything and got re-centered, re-balanced. Away from the black.

That being said, I have some good plans to post at least once a week, as well as using Wednesdays as an excuse to post about WIPs.

One wonderful thing that happened during this was I got back into the joy of crafting,  not just the industrial attitude of finish-all-the-things after I would start something, lose interest, then forget about it. I started a couple amazing projects that were FUN, not stressful and I finished them quickly! My WIPs are dwindling, but somewhere along the way I stop worrying about them. Whew! Now I work on what sounds fun. I have a new project bag that’s awesome at holding enough to keep me interested and not too much!

Well, one of the new fun projects is the Holiday Luxe Box from McNeedles. I love all things New Orleans and saw their offer for French Quarter Blues on ravelry. I jumped on it! I received a very glittery package with some beautiful blue yarn and the Jackson Square shawl pattern by Beth Kling. It’s based on the wrought iron fences in the French Quarter. I’m in love with this kit. Look at those glass markers!!


McNeedles sent the little sweater measuring tape as a lagniappe. I love that word. The yarn is String Theory, custom dyed for this box. Luxurious, indeed. So squishy and…blue. I can fall into that blue.

This pattern is very easy to get into and dig in.I have it in my favorite project bag in my purse; it’s excellent for picking up to knit a few stitches or rows, then stuff back in the bag when I need to get going. I want to visit them sometime, and New Orleans. Maybe next year? J’espere!

Having lots of hobbies is fun when I feel like doing “something else”, I can just reach for something else! I’ve been nuts for the hook again lately.
I organized and found a good way to connect some granny squares a friend gave me. They were her mother’s and she gave these to me after her mom passed away, along with a bunch of hooks and needles. It means a lot, hard to describe how much, that she gave me those. Projects, tools, yarn that have been passed on in some way mean a lot to a crafter. I can continue where she left off and add my own spin to it. I’m trying to use what I have a lot more. I found this pink yarn in da stash and it looks cute. Love that wooden rainbow hook! The purple would look very nice as a border.

I punched out some gloves last month! They were so fun to make with the stripey stuff I found in my stash. Details here, as always.
I finally finished Trillian and the Fortune’s Shawlette too! That shawl (and Moogly) are whom I blame for getting me crazy for crochet again. ;-) I found those gloves there, too.
(no, Trillian isn’t crochet but isn’t it nice that she snuck in there and finished up?)
Remnants of sock yarn are lately going towards a sock yarn granny blanket. I’ve been using up the last bits of shawls and such into big granny squares. Eventually they might become a blanket. I’m thinking I might be the blanket mood come cold weather time.
Here’s my pile so far:

Unicorn for scale.
Unicorn for scale.

I have the Robot Overlord yarn from Fortune in the work truck. I stitch a little here and there.
I had some adventures with my Juicy Top; I got the gumption to finish it once and for all! Then I ran out of yarn. You may know where this is going. It’s the same old story: I run out, I figure I can buy more (this is an old project remember), can’t find any, none online either, it is…DISCONTINUED. noooooooo!! Luckily the interwebs thought that might happen, and I found this site for suggestions on replacements. Seriously, I love you, internet.
Knit Picks to the rescue! I got two more balls because I know better now. I get one more than I think I need anymore, because really, it’s not like it will go to waste, lol.
So here is my progress! The yarn is not exactly the same, of course, and if you were to look closely you would see that right away, but I don’t mind. I’ve come too far to give up on that shirt now! I’ll be sure to use my dressing dummy when I construct it so I’ll know it fits.

My unicorn-for-scale wandered off...
My unicorn-for-scale wandered off…

I finished a cowl for my brother too! He asked for another scarf, and I made this. The yarn is perfectly named Zombie BBQ and he loves zombies.
Finally, I started a nice long cowl for my friend. More stashbusting! I could write more but here’s the link to my project page.
Today is International Crochet Day, so off I go! Hook on!

Or Silly Problems To Have, as Beth would say.
My boss, I’ll refer to him as VP, organized with some clients/foremans to meet at Marble Brewery for socializing and general silliness yesterday afternoon. Well I got there early, and figured it would be an excellent opportunity to knit a bit with a frosty beverage! Alas, the place only served beer and stuff like lemonade and root beer. I don’t drink beer; I like it but the stomach ache isn’t worth it. Sigh. However, I settled in and worked on the toe of a sock that I pulled out of the vault. It’s toe-up construction, and luckily I wrote enough notes and stopped in the right place (a year ago? more?) that I could pick it up no problem. I enjoyed a tasty root beer and got a lot done on the sock!


Alas, later one, when everyone was there, we were all comfy and laughing, B was even there, I thought “hey this is an excellent time to knit a bit. Huzzah for me! I can start on the foot chart now!”
Aaaaand, I didn’t have a copy of the chart I needed. Zip. Sigh.

But I do now! :-D Let Saturday morning commence!

P.S. Pattern is Hundred Acre Wood by the amazingly amazing Alice Yu from her book Socktopus. My project info is here, if you’re inclined to snoop. ;)