I made this up when I was learning picots and rings. :-)
R: 2-4-2—2-4-2.

*Translation: To form a ring: 2ds, small picot, 4ds, small picot, 2ds, very large picot, 2ds, small picot, 4ds, small picot, 2ds. Close ring and tie off. Weave/hide ends.


Apparently, one of the tatters has always longed for a rabbit from Jane’s TIAS. The more I work on this, the more I see a rabbit! I hope she gets her wish!
My tension has improved since starting this project. I’ve learned at least three new techniques, too!


I’m not sure about starfish anymore because this last “row” of rings and chains don’t look like the previous ones. It could be the side of a rabbit. If it is a rabbit I can’t wait to tat a little fuzzy tail!

P.S. I’m thinking of making my own TIAS later this year…hmm…Jane offered it out there that someone else could do one, and it got me thinking, I even thought of a subject! But, of course, I’d have to write my own pattern…should be fun!! More on that later!

I finished this on Friday, when it came out. Boy it really looks like a rabbit doesn’t it? I think the best guesses so far are: starfish, rabbit, dragonfly.
What do you think?

It's hard to get used to it being so dark outside at 5:00pm.

Another fun day! I still think it’s a starfish, maybe a regular fish. I’m very happy with the colors I chose. :-) There are a lot of guesses that it’s a rabbit, which I could see, too.
More soon!!


hmmm….still thinking a starfish but other guesses of “rabbit” might be right too! A thinks it’s a dolphin. ;-)


I’m just having so much fun with tatting. x-D