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  • Weekly Wip Week 6:

    What a beautiful day! 67degrees and clear skies. I’m even drying laundry outside! Trillian is moving along: I had this in my purse but swapped it for the Spring Doily 2015. It’s fits better in there anyway. I finished Round 1 of the Spring Doily 2015! I’m really pleased with it. I made one or […]

  • TIAS Day 13 Mystery Solved!

    (drumroll) Scissors! :-D SO cute. This was a lot of fun!

  • TIAS Days 10,11,&12, plus a late Weekly WIP

    I missed my Weekly WIP post last weekend; I got sicker, blech! I couldn’t shake this cough, but its finally going away! Whew! Luckily the boys and DH didnt get sick. Double whew. I kept up with the TIAS though. Each section takes about 15 minutes to do, only a couple took 20. So, Day […]

  • TIAS Day 9

    I didn’t get to finish this one until late last night. I’ve been battling a cold and all that’s left is this stupid cough that won’t go away. The tatting helped keep my mind occupied. Wut? I was about to board the this-is-a-bunny train but now I’m back to no idea what this will be. […]

  • A Tiny Turtle Pattern

    I made this up when I was learning picots and rings. :-) R: 2-4-2—2-4-2. *Translation: To form a ring: 2ds, small picot, 4ds, small picot, 2ds, very large picot, 2ds, small picot, 4ds, small picot, 2ds. Close ring and tie off. Weave/hide ends.