I found all my tatting stuff! All the WIPs and everything. I finally organized my tatting tools in one place, in a candy box my mom gave me. :-) I have a small multi tool, pencil, picot guide, and my chatelaine.


I finished this little bookmark. It’s supposed to be straight, haha, but it could make a nice barrette. It was a practice project for tension, and only one heart (on the right) is the right tension.

Hearts by Dee Powell, from Tatted Bookmarks, the shuttle is an unknown brand, from Penny’s mom <3

I started this little shamrock too! It is one of the first patterns I attemtped when I got into tatting, and now I am confident I can make it. I’m thinking of putting it on card stock, with a hand written poem around it. I was thinking of this one:

“May you have warm words on a cold evening,

a full moon on a dark night*,

and the road downhill all the way to your door.”

That will look nice. :-)

The other tatting I really want to finish (finally) is this square doily. Oof. Another exercise in patience and tension! Blocking will help a lot. I love the colorway. I have this row and one more to finish.

Bruce’s Tatted Doily by Nancy Tracy, www.be-stitched.com, Lizbeth size 10 color 408 Autumn Breeze, shuttle is Handy Hands Aerolit

Hey that one has a clover motif too! I’m right on schedule with the holiday themes!

I’m still trying to do one or two projects at a time to get things finished. I’m working on whatever interests me at the time, too, which is a lot easier.

We don’t have any big plans today. Mostly we want to sit around and relax.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you get to do something you like¬†with someone you like.

P.S. When you hover your mouse over the rav logo, it turns into a heart today. :)



* I totally typed “knight” instead of “night” at first, lol.

What a beautiful day! 67degrees and clear skies. I’m even drying laundry outside!
Trillian is moving along:


I had this in my purse but swapped it for the Spring Doily 2015. It’s fits better in there anyway.
I finished Round 1 of the Spring Doily 2015! I’m really pleased with it. I made one or two small mistakes but nothing major. It adds character. ;-)
(I bought a pretty rosewood shuttle too. It’s pretty fiddly though, even for a tatting shuttle, but I’m getting used to it. It’s so pretty and feels nice.)


I also got about 5 or 6 rows done on the Juicy Top, but it’s just white on white rectangle, so no pic right now.
I started Riechenbach Falls Cap again, just barely into one or two rows. This is a funny looking pattern when it’s going, but it really comes together after the crown. I might get to this tonight during Great British Bake Off.


And I have all of this snug as a bug in my new yarn bag from Yarn & Coffee in Santa Fe. I bought yarn to go in it of course, but I couldn’t think of what to cast on, lol, for once! So it’s more WIPs for now is fine with me. I plan on taking this bag around with me to work, wherever. I can then remember to take a few minutes for myself now and then and make something pretty.


That’s all the news for now! I hope some of this nice weather hits you too!

I missed my Weekly WIP post last weekend; I got sicker, blech! I couldn’t shake this cough, but its finally going away! Whew! Luckily the boys and DH didnt get sick. Double whew. I kept up with the TIAS though. Each section takes about 15 minutes to do, only a couple took 20.
So, Day 10:


Day 11:
Yup, definitely scissors!


Day 12: (today’s! I did this in my work vehicle while waiting for my printer to clean the printer heads) The colors in this picture are very close to real life, except a little brighter because I was in the sun.


The final day comes soon…maybe Friday. This was a lot of fun! I’m even thinking up a pattern to try my own TIAS for the fall. It’s an easier pattern than Jane’s, but I really like it so far! I learned so much on this one little tat. Jane is amazing!

No progress on yarn stuff, but the Juicy Top and I are waiting patiently for this weekend and I am working on another TIAS, the next Spring Doily (2015). Woohoo! This time I’m only using one color and one shuttle. Hoping it works…so far it is! I like it a lot but I gotta work on my tension. Either way it will be very pretty. I’m also using a smaller guage thread so it won’t be so Epic. ;-) I’ve worked a little on the Epic Doily too. I even went so far as to put the SD15 into my purse as my go-to craft on-the-go. A knot here, a knot there. ooohhhh I love this colorway. It’s Lizbeth size 20 #122 – Caribbean.


I dunno. I think I tat/craft more when I’m stressed out or worried. Nothing big, no no, but DH and I are getting used to a new job and a new work schedule this month and it’s a learning curve, for sure. Throw in two kids under 8 and it gets really interesting! Lol which reminds me, this is an excellent article on tatting that explains the craft perfectly. I mean, even down to why I chose shuttles instead of needles. This guy knows. It has great progress pics of the Epic Doily (aka Spring Doily 2014) too! Wow. It’s long but well worth a read if you’re into crafty stuff. Here it is, hope he doesn’t mind me sharing it.*
He counted all those knots.

Ok, more soon!

*If you do mind, Mr. Chochinov, please let me know. ;-)


I didn’t get to finish this one until late last night. I’ve been battling a cold and all that’s left is this stupid cough that won’t go away. The tatting helped keep my mind occupied.
Wut? I was about to board the this-is-a-bunny train but now I’m back to no idea what this will be. Kudos to Jane for keeping us all guessing! lol The new main idea is scissors….hmmm…maybe….
I love how the colors are changing in this thread!

Here’s a bookmark I’m trying to finish by Sunday, for a late birthday present.


I love that bone shuttle. I caught the tatting bug too, it seems! I’m even seriously considering dragging out the Epic Doily again. I read a fabulous article on tatting the other day, which had that doily in it. Plus, Renulek is going to release the first installment of the Spring 2015 doily tomorrow!! You bet I’m going to wind a shuttle tonight. I always need another project, right? ;-)