I’ve been cleaning and planning and organizing and getting ready for summer! Kids are almost out, and I’m planning a family road trip to Colorado, plus a trip to ride the Numbers & Toltec Railroad in June. I’m so excited!!

I finished my first pair of socks knit on straight needles. I knit them super quick compared to double circulars, so much so that I frogged about 2 inches of a new sock to start over on straights. Woot!

We went to an Isotopes game on Friday and we all got little overnight/travel/toiletry bags at the gate. Wouldn’t you know it, it fits a bunch of projects just right!

Coffee stored separately.
Coffee stored separately.


I fit about 4 in there for now. :-D there are lots of pockets for little stuff.

I also got into reading Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner. He goes into how we remember languages and has some neat ways to remember in the long run, instead of short term. I’m excited about it! I want to be fluent in Spanish, right now I’m intermediate I guess. I took classes since 7th grade and being in ABQ I’m surrounded by it. I love Spanish and I hope Wyner’s methods will get me to my goal! Maybe if this works I might get back into German…but one thing at a time!

It’s a beautiful day, I’m going to get back to knitting and reading.

I think a lot of people are multicraftual-they know and practice more than 2 or 3 crafts. In no particular order I cross stitch, knit, crochet, embroider, tat, and sew (nothing major, easy stuff and repairs).

But every crafter started with that One Craft, the one that got them head first into making things with their hands, doing something relaxing and fun, then enjoying the finished piece, whether it is useful or just hangs on the wall/tree/child/etc.

Cross stitch was my gateway craft. I learned from my brother’s friend way back when I was 13 or 14. I’m 36 now, so that’s 20+ years of cross stitching!! woohoo! I’ve learned so much and messed up a lot and I’m still stitching. I learned to crochet and knit in 2008. I’ve embroidered since Jr High (did anyone else take Home Ec? I loved that class) and taught myself to tat in 2012. I think I need to learn a new craft every year or two gotta stay sharp! If only I had eight arms…I could do all of them at once. ;-)

Anyway, I mention cross stitch because it’s my favorite of the crafts, and as such, I have a lot of WIPs and starts laying around. Last year I dedicated time to finishing up yarny projects and I’m happy to say I got it down from 30+ open projects (oof) to under 12. I finished all but one gift that was promised, and that one is coming along just fine. I had a hard time last year-I got really stressed out and my anxiety went through the roof. Crafting usually helped me before but I was so tense, I started lots of projects in 2015, thinking how fun they would be and how fun it is to start something, but then I’d get busy or run out of steam, and never finish them. That would add to the anxiety and I would hear the old “you can’t even finish what you start” nonsense my panic monster loves to talk about.

Well I showed her! Check out my ravelry page to see how much I finished/frogged if you want. So now I’m back to knitting and crocheting for fun, not as a frantic exercise to relax.

And back to the point: this year I’m working through those cross stiches! I collected so many patterns and kits, and then I had a hint of mortality and realized I might not have time to finish them, even if I live to 100, lol. So I gave a way a lot of patterns, a few kits, to make room for the ones I want to do. I have about 10 unfinished objects/projects (UFOs). One is a gift for my folks, but there’s no rush on that. I try to finish gifts first. This one is definitely getting done this year, hell or high water.

Time for pictures! I organized everything into two places: storage for patterns and kits to be done later and a nice project bag for the UFOs.

Picture dump ahead! Hard hats on!

This bag was originally for scrapbooking and works very well for all my patterns and supplies and stuff. The little box is a fake book I picked up somewhere. I added a magnet to the inside so it stays closed better.
This bag was originally for scrapbooking and works very well for all my patterns and supplies and stuff. The little box is a fake book I picked up somewhere. I added a magnet to the inside so it stays closed better. It’s easy to put in my bag for trips and can hold more than one project.
Doctor Who sampler SAL with Penny. DMC thread from stash, pattern and fabric from etsy-I'll list links at the end of the post.
Doctor Who sampler SAL with Penny. DMC thread from stash, pattern and fabric from etsy-I’ll list links at the end of the post.
Mighty Samurai kit by Dimensions. This was the first “epic” kit I ever bought, who knows how long ago…
Clipper Ship Voyager kit by Dimensions.
Clipper Ship Voyager kit by Dimensions.
Exotic Butterflies kit by Dimensions.
Exotic Butterflies kit by Dimensions.
Snooze stamped x stitch kit by Dimensions
Masquerade by Ink Circles. DMC thread-I can't find the original pattern...
Masquerade by Ink Circles. DMC thread-I can’t find the original pattern…
Man's Best Friend kit by Dimensions-this is the gift for my folks. I can't resist labradors!
Man’s Best Friend kit by Dimensions-this is the gift for my folks. I can’t resist labradors!
Artista Halloween kit. I'm using a bright blue from Garibaldi's Needleworks. Life's too short to stitch the entire black background! Blue will look very nice, methinks.
Artista Halloween kit. I’m using a bright blue from Garibaldi’s Needleworks instead of the included white fabric. Life’s too short to stitch that entire black background! Blue will look very nice, methinks.
These are all the projects I'd like to do eventually.
These are all the projects I’d like to do eventually. Not shown are my new Victorian houses patterns I bought on a whim. They should come in the mail soon.


I’ve been posting about Yei, here is my latest progress!


I have Yei in my roll up bag. Once I finish it I’ll put the Jack (pumpkin) kit in there for my next finish. Yei doesn’t have any backstitch and Jack has very little, making them a lot faster to finish!

All those pictures. Those are just the big ones-I didn’t count all the wee little stitches, Satsuma Street, Debbie Patrick’s Winchester House and San Francisco Rowhouse and other patterns I want to do someday!

Hi, my name’s Kat, and I have a cross stitch obsession.

I love it.


P.S. Links:

Chicago and Tokyo

Winchester House

Row Houses

Garibaldi’s Needleworks

Sampler in Time

Masquerade by Ink Circles

P.P.S. I hope you like the blog so far! I’ve had fun writing it. Go forth and craft today!!

I found all my tatting stuff! All the WIPs and everything. I finally organized my tatting tools in one place, in a candy box my mom gave me. :-) I have a small multi tool, pencil, picot guide, and my chatelaine.


I finished this little bookmark. It’s supposed to be straight, haha, but it could make a nice barrette. It was a practice project for tension, and only one heart (on the right) is the right tension.

Hearts by Dee Powell, from Tatted Bookmarks, the shuttle is an unknown brand, from Penny’s mom <3

I started this little shamrock too! It is one of the first patterns I attemtped when I got into tatting, and now I am confident I can make it. I’m thinking of putting it on card stock, with a hand written poem around it. I was thinking of this one:

“May you have warm words on a cold evening,

a full moon on a dark night*,

and the road downhill all the way to your door.”

That will look nice. :-)

The other tatting I really want to finish (finally) is this square doily. Oof. Another exercise in patience and tension! Blocking will help a lot. I love the colorway. I have this row and one more to finish.

Bruce’s Tatted Doily by Nancy Tracy, www.be-stitched.com, Lizbeth size 10 color 408 Autumn Breeze, shuttle is Handy Hands Aerolit

Hey that one has a clover motif too! I’m right on schedule with the holiday themes!

I’m still trying to do one or two projects at a time to get things finished. I’m working on whatever interests me at the time, too, which is a lot easier.

We don’t have any big plans today. Mostly we want to sit around and relax.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you get to do something you like¬†with someone you like.

P.S. When you hover your mouse over the rav logo, it turns into a heart today. :)



* I totally typed “knight” instead of “night” at first, lol.

A couple weeks ago, B suggested we clean out the office closet to make room for the linens. We have a metal shelf (from the big box store) that we have crammed with stuff, but was originally supposed to be for sheets, towels, etc. He had a great point that it was more a linen shelf lately than a linen closet, lol. So, I cleared out all of my crafty stuff except the sewing stuff (and I even went through all of that! whew!) and moved the crafty stuff to our closet, to live with the yarn. I found so many forgotten ideas, projects, supplies, you name it! I even found some cross stitch patterns I forgot I had, as well as a whole box of extra floss. Like, I have so much floss I have extras of about 30 colors.

We haven’t gotten around to organizing the linens yet, but I jumped head first into some cross stitch projects. I finished Adventure Time (wee little stitches) for a friend, and even finally finished Dreaming of Tuscany for my aunt and uncle’s 50th anniversary. My folks will take that to them this week! woohoo! I’m so relieved to have it go to it’s recipient.


2015-05-08 15.24.35

And this is the new one I started this week. It’s a pattern included with the DMC soluble fabric (DM90). I had the pink fabric in my stash, and whatever colors I didn’t have I substituted (as usual). It will be a neat crest/coat of arms. I decided not to cut the fabric but add a quote underneath, and came across this one from The Three Musketeers:

“Never fear quarrels, but seek hazardous adventures.” Cool!


I can’t find a link to the pattern…so you’ll have to stay tuned!

Oh, and that’s a needle minder/keeper I made. :-) I found a button and glued a strong magnet to the back. I’ll probably post more on how I did it another day, I’d love to make more of them.

Penny gave me a pattern for a Doctor Who sampler and I plan on getting to that right after this post. I even ordered some gorgeous hand-dyed fabric from on etsy. Oh, man, it’s really something.

I think I fixed all the too big pictures on the site plus I added tags to all the posts. I’m getting the hang of this.

Well, off to the rest of my day. :-) More soon!

The weather is full on not-winter! It should be 83 degrees today with a 5pmh breeze and clear skies. YASS!
Busy busy as usual, but the beautiful weather helps a lot especially now that everything is turning bright green and the flowers are coming out. The boys and I headed to the zoo today with my mom.
We were there at 9:30 and we got back home at 4:45. It was the best day I’ve had in a long time. :-) We rode the train between parks for the first time! woot! Definitely doing that as often as possible. We have a zoo in one part of town, and the aquarium/biopark-botanical gardens is only a little ways over, just a short train ride. Maybe 2 miles? It was so much fun. When you get a pass for one park and buy a train ticket you can see all of the parks all day. So. Much. Fun! We saw both male/bull elephants: Samson and Albert. Here is a picture of Albert, playing with his ball. I love elephants! I even found this cute shirt yesterday at Target. W said I should wear it to the zoo, so there you go. We’re all about animals today.



He was rolling around a huge ball, just like a cat would. On the way home we stopped and got pizza (Papa Murphy’s), so dinner is even done.

I organized my WIPs again because I’m one of those people that love to take everything out of a bag, lay it nicely, then put it back. Now I can take my fave bag everywhere. ;-)

I feel warm and tingly. I may have got sunburned again. That, and/or I am completely relaxed. mmmm

P.S. Yet again, I wrote and forgot to post. ;-) More soon!