Yup. Pox seems to have left us for the time being, whew! I’ve been pretty militant about washing hands around here, after I caught pink eye from the kids a few weeks ago. Blech!!
I’ve been stitching away, as per usual. I finished an old scarf, Cruella, and Sleeves!! I love Sleeves so much. I have a lot of the yarn left though, I only needed a bit of another ball. Maybe 5 yards is all? So I happily put it in the stash, for something sometime from now. I’m trying to finish my Blue Lagoon and restarted my Hearts scarf. I’m having a lot of fun with Hearts now that I have the hang of the loops.
I got back into cross stitch lately, and am almost done with Adventure Time! woot! Can’t wait to finish it (ugh so much white in that beard) and give it to my buddy. He’ll love it!
I put some WIPs in a bag, now they’re all in one place. I’m trying to Finish Some Things to allow more time for Things I Want to Work On. :-D Penny and I are anxious to start an awesome Doctor Who sampler. I will order the custom fabric today! I found it here on etsy. (swoon)
I haven’t blocked Sleeves or Cruella yet, so pictures will come later. Until then, here is my current WIP, sooooo close to finished, and a super cute coffee cup.


P.S. I finished while the pictures were loading! woohoo!


I finished the walls on my Tuscany! All that’s left is the backstitching!! I’m over the moon to finally finish this. (I put my square doily away because I was getting bored with it for now. Plus, realistically, one Finish A Thing a month is more likely to get finished.)

oof those grapes are all black and dark purple. oof

I finished my hat! I love it. It’s soft and warm. I tried Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off for the first time and loved that too.

It looks better on. SO soft and warm!!

My oldest turned 7 last week, and requested a T Rex about a week before his birthday. He’s so sweet, he said “I know it’s short notice so it’s ok if it’s not done on my birthday. He’s the coolest guy ever. He wanted to put the safety eyes on so we that last week. I got a cold too, (gross), but am slowly getting over it and ready to finish his lil dino.

I can’t get the picture to load. Oh well. Another day.

I was working on another neat hat for me, the Women’s Peaked Cap (by Yarnspirations), but I tried it on at round 14, like it suggests, and it was too small. Well that was about 1/3 of the way, so I frogged it and started over with a larger hook. It’s a fun pattern, so I took it as practice for the second round, and I’ll be even happier knowing it will fit! I named mine Reichenbach Falls Cap. It looks like a stylized, feminine version of the deerstalker Holmes is famous for. Now I can solve mysteries and go on adventures in style! If that’s not enough UK fangirl for you, I love to work on that hat while watching The Great British Bake Off on PBS on Sunday nights. swoon!

I started following The Crochet Crowd and they’re the ones who suggested this cute hat. They have some very cool blanket patterns and ideas too. The videos and posts are fun and light; I’m glad I found them. I like having a few of those unicorn-chaser websites to go to when the world gets dark.

Day 8 of the TIAS came out this morning! I’ll upload the progress on Day 7 and 8 soon!

I finished Cyndi! I went as far as 33 or 34 repeats, instead of 48. My yarn is quite a bit thicker and I just kind of knit until it was a good size for me. The edging (scallops/shells) are knit as the last row before binding off. It’s a lot easier than I thought it would be. It works a lot like a crochet shell. Granted, crochet is easier, but these were so cute and fun! I admit it, I giggled a lot making this. This is what they look like on the needle, before binding off:


And another couple shots while binding off:

look at those cute pink scallops!
My parent's carpet is so clean. I could live on the floors there.

Finished! I blocked it gently, with a quick bath in the sink with a few drops of Soak and I pulled it to the shape I wanted instead of pinning it. It made it that much softer.


the pink stripes are my favorite

My brother and his wife came for the holiday, and I bought some more yarn from LYS in Nob Hill (my favorite in town) for my now annual tradition of buying a new ball of something around Thanksgiving. (you know you do it too. Isn’t it wonderful when you find the perfect yarn for a project you have in mind, for much cheaper than you expected?) My brother and his wife are happy to drop me off at a LYS, then meet me for a drink, where I cast on Trillian (another Strickmich pattern) in a lovely purple Malabrigo Sock. This year we went to Astro Zombies comic store, then The Yarn Store at Nob Hill, then Tractor Brewing Co! woohoo! I had a berry cider and it was amazing. So sweet and light. Like the air on a crisp fall afternoon.


SIL found a hidden gem in Bernalillo, too, the Kaktus Brewing Company. It is small and warm and friendly. I had the best red rye I’ve ever tasted. It was smooth and spicy and just wonderful.


I packed up Trillian in my purse for on-the-go knitting, and I worked on it a little during Thanksgiving. :-) I also brought the Epic Doily to tat…Here’s my progress:

that's your average beloved authors' hardback for scale

The latest row is pretty floppy, but I got the hang of it. It should straighten out nicely with the next row, which will connect to all those floppy rings.
I’ve been writing up the pattern as I go as well, I’ll post that here whenever I finish it.
Hope you had a nice holiday! If you aren’t in the states, and you found this site somehow, hope you had a nice Thursday!