I got this fun list from stitcherybutchery on tumblr


  1. How long have you been stitching?
  • Since I was 14. My brother’s friend showed me how, and I derped my way through it! It was a cat on a window. I remember I gave it to my friend. I must have bought it as a kit at the local craft store. (Anyone else remember Winn’s?) I’ve been hooked ever since!!
  1. What’s your favorite finished piece?
  • It’s a tie between this sampler

and this lady

  1. When and where do you typically stitch?
  • Literally anywhere I can! But mostly at home at the kitchen table. Or at my kids sports practice.
  1. What kind or music do you like to listen to while stitching?
  • Audio books or scary stories on youtube if I’m not home, or Netflix at home.
  1. How many pieces are you working on now? Lol! Truth time! Um…, 10:
  • Dr Who sampler
  • blackwork sampler
  • Snooze
  • Happily Ever After SAL (2nd one for me)
  • Steotch 2018 SAL
  • Space Unicorn
  • I love bats sampler
  • Winchester House
  • Winter Ride

Those are the ones I’ve started but haven’t finished. I’m actively working on Dr Who, Steotch, and the blackwork sampler.

  1. How many boxes, bags, and other containers do you have holding unused floss and cloth?
  • I recently consolidated all that from a big bin to 6 containers, including fabric and floss. I put fabric and patterns in a briefcase, favorite patterns in a file folder, floss in a little 3 drawer plastic box, my active WIPs are in a large project bag, others are in another bag, and a couple small active WIPs are in a smaller work bag.
  1. Do you have any other crafty/artsy hobbies?
  • Oh yeah, one’s not enough. Knitting, crochet, writing, diamond art/painting, tatting, drawing, and coloring.
  1. Any unrelated hobbies? (sports, music, etc)
  • Reading, tsum tsum collecting, watching movies
  1. Have you ever made pieces as a gift for someone else? Who?
  • So many gifts for so many people! I lost track. My parents have the most. I stitched a few puppy and southwest items for them over the years.
  1. How/where do you get your patterns?
  • Online (such as Etsy, weelittlestitches, Frosted Pumpkin) Dimensions kits, books….I especially love indie designers!
  1. Do you follow any other stitchers on tumblr or elsewhere you’d recommend?
  • Yes!

Steotch has a wicked SAL once a year:

  • Etsy shops I love:

  • tumblrs that are fun:











oh man, now I really need to get stitching! 😍

I finished a lot this fall! I need to block them all, though. I haven’t because I’m tired of blocking things on towels, on my bed. I have too many people and pets for that nonsense anymore. I’d like to get some blocking mats and then I can use either my mom’s giant table or my FIL’s pool table to block them.

I like this one: Knit Picks blocking kit

but if we’re on the subject of Knit Picks and upcoming holidays…

Unicorn sparkle awesomeness!!

Master plan

Let’s see. Where was I?

Oh! All the FOs (=finished objects). I finished Duke City, another (very) quick crochet shawl Voltage, and (very soon) a knit shawl Apple River. I became a parton for Jen Lucas this year and I’m so glad I did!! I keep getting all these amazing patterns and I’m stashbusting everything to knit all the things. Apple River and Volta are hers. I’m about to starter Paulette, once I decide which yarn to use. My stash is substantial. Srsly. AND this is what I’m currently working on, yarn-wise:


a blanket

Opus the Octopus

oo! Lemme geek out a bit over Opus. So he’s from an older issue of knitty. I went off and bought all the yarn, needles, whatevs for him and busted out his head in no time. But…the tentacles were taking…

sooo poor Opus sat alone in the WIPurgatory for years. Like 4, 5 years. I dug him out and I’m determined to finish him this year!! I’m really a better crocheter than a knitter. I spoke to a buddy about it and I planned out how to crochet the other 6 arms. I’ll post about that later; I think it’s interesting! It’s fun to think up how to hook stuff. I can think in crochet, not knitting. I feel I could probably crochet anything! I love it!!

I’m making a long cowl made up of fingering weight scraps. It’s fun to have it in my bag. (I like having something to do with my hands…I get anxious and staying busy/grounded helps!)

Mom gave me homemade tamales for lunch (thanks to her neighbor!) and now I can sit and try to finish Apple Shawl. I only have a bit left of the edging left to go!






**Disclaimer: I don’t work for any company or product I’m mentioning, no one is paying me to talk about them. These are my opinions only.**

A cubmaster wears many hats, you know, so I’m taking that literally this year!

September: popcorn hat

It’s a headband!

October: top hat (fun story about it later)


November: super secret awesome-sauce giant hat (I’m still making it, this is the hat base)

Dog tail for scale.

I’ll take more pics as I finish each piece for the giant November hat and show how I put it together in another post.

I finished the other pullover! Took almost 3 skeins of Caron Big Cakes yarn and a year of working on it on and off. My oldest loves green. It’s the same free Red Heart pattern I used before. But for both I kept holding the pieces against the boy it was for and making it fit. Both are too big but I want them to be used and loved for a long time. It’s a great pattern and easy to adjust. There are only 4 pieces to make!

Yup… I’m going to make more of these.

I was supposed to go to a faceters guild meeting tonight, I even got there early! I sketched out a little thing while I waited.

And waited.

Where is everyone?

Oh. Across town at the other community center…ugh!!

By the time I got to that part of town i was an hour late. So rather than wander in so late, I went to a new place near my neighborhood. Slice-n-Dice is a new local joint that has quick food, pizza, and board games to play! I like the lighting. I had  a watermelon cider and finished this.

The bottom is the picture I based it on. I took it outside Old Town Hat Shop last weekend on a very bright day.


    My new hat!