I finished a secret birthday present and I can finally post about it! I had to make this camper for P, it’s so cute. I modified it quite a bit though, I ignored all the original text and decorations except for the flowers. I simply filled in the blanks with the background color. The camper needed a wing, so I sketched that in too. I think a lighter grey would have been nice, honestly, but I’m so chuffed with the end result! P really liked it too! woohoo! My hubs had a great idea: get a gift card from Michael’s (or whatever place you get stuff framed) so the recipient can get a break on framing it. I like to let them choose their frame because everyone frames things differently.
(I base my frame and mats on the individual piece, not the decor, for example, to each their own)
Here’s the final pic and comparison to the original pattern:
Cute Camper

The butterflies are taking a break, a holiday happened, and a short getaway. I finally finished my ninja hoodie! I’m only seven stripes away from finishing (the knit part of) the Dr Who scarf! Plus, I made a lot of progress on Reflections of London, the Sampler in Time, and even a a little bookmark I found stashed away. I changed the bookmark just a bit-I’m using the dark blue on the shoreline instead of brown.

I literally turned the corner on this one! I've also been watching a lot of Parks & Rec.
I literally turned the corner on this one! I’ve also been watching a lot of Parks & Rec.