This month is Heidi. I haven’t read that book, but I hear the Shirley Temple movie is good, and I read the synopsis on wikipedia. Lazy? Nah. Priorities. I have other books to read. ;-)

I haven’t gotten to the stars yet, but I think the silver rayon will looks fine. I changed a couple things from the original pattern (all cross stitches are 2 strands): I’m making french knots for the falling snow, using 3 strands for the mountain/house snow (it helps show up better and adds a nice texture), I’ll outline her tights in grey, and I’m going to use a fuzzy thread for the goat. Fuzzy thread!! That’s new to me! I frogged the goat (=took out the thread) to try out the fuzzy stuff.

Oh, and I’ll tat the big snowflake because why not I’m having so much fun with this!