I finished it last week!

I used a pale pink hand dyed Aida and DMC 413 (pewter grey)
I used a pale pink hand dyed Aida and DMC 413 (pewter grey)
Here is the link to the shop again. It’s a delightful rabbit hole of awesome cross stitch patterns! I have a few more from her to get to someday.

My Frosted Pumpkin SAL starts on January 15, so I have until then to finish another WIP, the Yei I started in 2013.





Honestly, I hope to finish it by New Year’s day! Whew! What a great way to end the year! I am working on my planner for 2017 and have a whole page dedicated to cross stitch WIPs, so I can keep track of what I’m working on. I’m already using it and it has helped a bunch. More on planning soon…

I’m so close to finishing Reflections of London! I’m really digging into it and I’m on the last part, the last corner. I keep reminding myself “this is the last landmark” as in, I just finished the last Big Ben in the pattern. I want to finish it by the new year because I ordered myself a Christmas present:
The Frosted Pumpkin’s Happily ever After kit! (I went with Aida fabric) The floss and fabric came today! I’ve seen a lot of progress pics of FP kits but this is my first try. So adorable. Plus! How easy is it to stitch one little section a month? I’ll still have lots of time to finish other projects.

Package!! Pick for scale.
Package!! Pick for scale.
How cute is this?!
How cute is this?!
They even sent a thread holder! And a hand written note! That's amazing.
They even sent a thread holder! And a hand written note! That’s amazing.
All the floss was organized so perfectly…*sigh*
Do you make resolutions? I do. I try to make them manageable anymore, more like goals I can work on. I always strive to learn more spanish every year and I did make a lot of progress this year with Fluent Forever and the Leitner Box system. I will start that daily system in 2017 and continue learning ASL. I’ll practice both! (That goal is harder) The only other one is to finish as many cross stitch WIPs as I can. If that means one or two small ones or even only one epic project, that totally counts. A finish is a finish!
This was from Saturday...
This was from Saturday…it’s the top left corner in the next picture…
And from last night! Woot!
And from last night! Woot!

Only 11 more to go. Then onto backstitch…but one thing at a time. ;-)

Finishing up the left side
Finishing up the left side
It’s harder to stitch this at night with the navy fabric, but it’s very nice to stitch on next to a sunny window.

Dimensions Gold Collection: Petites, #65038
Finally finished! Woohoo! I’m a little tired of yellows and browns now.
Now I’ll keep working on Reflections of London, the Doctor sampler, and a kit of bright-colored butterflies.