Here are two more I’m working on, I’m really pleased with my progress! I finally feel like I’m out of the “beginner” stage. Renulek’s patterns have always been a challenge, but they are so pretty. She has nice diagrams but a lot of it is figuring out how it was done, based on experience. When I get stuck or overwhelmed or tired of tatting I go to the Crochet doilies and it feels like I’m flying through those. :-)

I don’t know if it’s because of spring, or being able to stay home again, or what, but doilies are all I‘m thinking about lately. I have a couple old ones to finish as well as these new ones, which gets me every stitch closer to getting these WIP piles under control. ;-)

Clover Doily (free online) with Lizbeth sz 29 color 178/Grape Pomegranate and my favorite vintage Detach-A-Spool shuttle. I’ve been blocking each round and it really helps!


And this is Renulek’s latest spring doily/”napkin”, I’m on round 2. It’s Lizbeth Twirlz sz 20 color 400/Patriotic.


I grabbed the closest white paper and saw the LOL guy. Tatting is awesome!! LOL! X-D

Another doily! So many doilies. This one is crocheted with the cool Poe colors I posted before. There will be a lot of ends to sew in, but that’s OK. (Not as bad as a Dr Who scarf!)

I learned how to do the eyelet foundation/stitch, which is a lot easier than it looks. Elizabeth White is something else. Check out the stuff she comes up with at Bella Crochet.

Two more days and I’ll be finished at this job. I’ll be home again. :-)

Poe Doily, round 6.
Poe Doily, round 6.

Two more days and I’ll be home with the kiddos and outside in this chair as often as possible, reading and crafting and being me.

Two more days…

A friend wants a Doctor Who scarf, so I dug up the pattern for Season 12 by Tara Carstenson/Wheeler. I love this pattern. I made a Season 14 scarf for my brother a few years ago. It’s easy and it gets really fun when it goes over 5 feet long! This one will pass the 6 foot mark, I think.

There are a ton of color changes though, and to minimize sewing in all those ends I weave them in as I go. I use a technique similar to this link.

The scarf takes a lot of yarn though, and I wanted to find a way to save some money and not sacrifice the colors or the quality. Enter Knit Picks! I found all but one color there, for less than $35 (not including shipping). I already have the needles.

I’m using these yarns:

Knit picks:

Brava Worsted Yarn – Almond x2
Item #26365,
Brava Worsted Yarn – Brindle
Item #25721
Brava Worsted Yarn – Cobblestone Heather x2
Item #25697
Brava Worsted Yarn – Dublin x2
Item #25703
Brava Worsted Yarn – Paprika
Item #25719
Wool of the Andes Worsted Yarn – Currant
Item #24647

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Solids, Heathers & Twists: Mustard Item #158

(I just couldn’t find the right yellow on Knit Picks, so I got the one I knew would work! I orginally bought Brava in Caution-but it’s very bright. Maybe I can make some long fingerless gloves for biking.)

I even have the perfect project bag.


Well, no fevers, thankfully. My youngest got sick and now I have something…coldish…stuffy  in my sinuses. I took my allergy meds and have a nice cuppa coffee this morning to battle it. ;-)

Lots of stuff happening on the home front that kept me from blogging last week-I gave notice at my job (been there 8+ years, and with this boss for over 10) so I started getting things caught up/just right so I can train my replacement soon. We also have a big internal audit coming up so there’s a lot to do! I’m leaving for lots of reasons, but the main one is to be home for awhile with my family again.

Regardless, I got some tatting done last week and this weekend! I’m taking a break from the crochet projects (this vest and this vest) and Yei. It’s warm and sunny out and this thread color fits my mood. Spring=tatting for me and I have an obsession with doilies lately.

Amusement Doily in Lizbeth 131 sz 20
Amusement Doily in Lizbeth 131 sz 20

I found this awesome thread this week too! I can’t wait to use it on some massive doily, lol. I need to finish up a very old WIP and then I can dive in to this thread.

Artiste 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton size 10 crochet thread in Pewter, Terra Rosa; and Country Rose. I looove this gothic mix of colors.
Artiste 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton size 10 crochet thread in Pewter, Terra Rosa; and Country Rose. I looove this gothic mix of colors.

I’m thinking of crocheting a big doily because it’s faster than tatting and I found a very cool pattern on pinterest. (More on that as I get to it.)

We have a different kind of March Madness around here-Netflix new releases! We’re into Game of Thrones season 5 on dvd, Daredevil Season 2 on streaming, then House of Cards season 4 and the Madagascar movies with the kids on dvd. We don’t have cable, we use Netflix pretty muchexclusively, not counting PBS on the rabbit ears. Gotta have PBS!

This means lots of yarn time for me, I can get a lot done while there’s a good show on. I’m a little more than halfway done with the Ninja vest and finally changed colors on the hooded vest. I think I’m 1/3 done then, with my yarn math. The project takes 3 skeins worth of yarn, I have used 1 skein. Thus, 1/3 done. Yarn math= truth. Years ago Ben gave me a head lamp for Christmas, not for hiking or camping but because he got tired of me trying to knit in the dark. ;-)

<achoo!> well, off to sit and tat for awhile. I’m hoping for a nice lazy day. Hope you have one too! Go do something you love, and hugh someone you love. Maybe give them a smooch or two.