You may have noticed how much I like to start projects, lol. I love finishing them even more!!

Here are my Soft Mitts:


Soft and warm. <3 I knit the second mitt flat and single crocheted up the side to seam it. I can’t even tell when they’re on.

I frogged two more projects too. One was Second Story from an Interweave Knits magazine, it just wasn’t coming out right. Oh well. The other was my square doily, the tatting is really uneven and sloppy… So I didn’t frog it but I put it away. Same with the shamrock! Ugh!

That’s okay. It feels good to finish things, even if they didn’t turn out the way I planned. Have you finished anything lately?

It’s getting warmer here and I dug out a cross stitch since my hands aren’t so cold!

This is Yei II by Southwest Decoratives/NP Designs:


The Yei are holy people/gods/demons in the Navajo culture. It’s better explained here. My mom had a little rug like this when I was growing up and I always liked it.

The corn seemed to take awhile but I’m back in the groove now!

My youngest got pretty sick over the weekend, hence the late post. Inevitably, I’m sick today. It’s not so bad, but since my job involves mucho driving, I called in. That’s rare.

Anyway, little guy is doing much better and I’m camped out in his room with him. We have snacks! Bananas and banana bread. Yum.

I finished my Soft Mitts last week. I’ll post those on Finished Friday.

Today we’re taking it easy and I’m crocheting a swatch. Easy. Keeps my hands doing something.

Size G/4mm Knit Pick hook, Circulo Yarns-Anne
Size G/4mm Knit Pick hook, Circulo Yarns-Anne

This is for Rio Sleeveless Hoodie. I don’t know if I’ll make it anytime soon but the swatch is fun. I love the pattern and I keep hoping to find the right yarn for it.

Achoos! Snifflesnork. Have a good Monday!

P.S. I’ve been mostly working on some more fingerless mitts but the pattern isn’t published yet. I’m really pleased with them and the pattern is super clever! Once I get the designer’s permission I can’t wait to share it.

I’m only 20 rows away from finishing Soft Mitts, another old WIP. I had a bad habit of starting new stuff when I was stressed, (yarn is fun after all), but then so busy I didn’t have time to finish! This is one of those. It’s an easy pattern and the yarn is like knitting a cloud. It’s just amazingly, indescribably soft.

It was a cold morning at the Taos Wool Festival and I was in line for coffee for 30 minutes, talking with a nice woman about yarn and such. I got to the third place in line when I found out they didn’t take cards, ack!! My line-friend bought me a cuppa, and I visited her booth later that day. She was working the Jabberwocky Farms booth. I bought my-admittedly-most-expensive-yarn-to-date and got the mitts pattern for free. The yarn is silk/cashmere and worth every cent! I can’t wait to finish these and tuck them in my jacket pocket for our morning walks.

Wow, that was in 2013. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Jabberwocky at TFW since then, but I love the memories in these mitts. The project is so small that I took them everywhere for awhile, a row here, 5-10 stitches there. I used circular needles for the first mitt and the magic loop method. That’s fiddly and a little awkward for me with small needles, so I changed to the vintage Boye straights when I found them. I love straights, especially aluminum. I got those in a bundle at a consignment store! woot!

Anyway, I dropped stitches, lost the pattern twice (still gone), rewrote the pattern the best I could by inspecting the first mitt…lots of good memories in this little project. :-)


I found all my tatting stuff! All the WIPs and everything. I finally organized my tatting tools in one place, in a candy box my mom gave me. :-) I have a small multi tool, pencil, picot guide, and my chatelaine.


I finished this little bookmark. It’s supposed to be straight, haha, but it could make a nice barrette. It was a practice project for tension, and only one heart (on the right) is the right tension.

Hearts by Dee Powell, from Tatted Bookmarks, the shuttle is an unknown brand, from Penny’s mom <3

I started this little shamrock too! It is one of the first patterns I attemtped when I got into tatting, and now I am confident I can make it. I’m thinking of putting it on card stock, with a hand written poem around it. I was thinking of this one:

“May you have warm words on a cold evening,

a full moon on a dark night*,

and the road downhill all the way to your door.”

That will look nice. :-)

The other tatting I really want to finish (finally) is this square doily. Oof. Another exercise in patience and tension! Blocking will help a lot. I love the colorway. I have this row and one more to finish.

Bruce’s Tatted Doily by Nancy Tracy,, Lizbeth size 10 color 408 Autumn Breeze, shuttle is Handy Hands Aerolit

Hey that one has a clover motif too! I’m right on schedule with the holiday themes!

I’m still trying to do one or two projects at a time to get things finished. I’m working on whatever interests me at the time, too, which is a lot easier.

We don’t have any big plans today. Mostly we want to sit around and relax.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you get to do something you like¬†with someone you like.

P.S. When you hover your mouse over the rav logo, it turns into a heart today. :)



* I totally typed “knight” instead of “night” at first, lol.