Or Silly Problems To Have, as Beth would say.
My boss, I’ll refer to him as VP, organized with some clients/foremans to meet at Marble Brewery for socializing and general silliness yesterday afternoon. Well I got there early, and figured it would be an excellent opportunity to knit a bit with a frosty beverage! Alas, the place only served beer and stuff like lemonade and root beer. I don’t drink beer; I like it but the stomach ache isn’t worth it. Sigh. However, I settled in and worked on the toe of a sock that I pulled out of the vault. It’s toe-up construction, and luckily I wrote enough notes and stopped in the right place (a year ago? more?) that I could pick it up no problem. I enjoyed a tasty root beer and got a lot done on the sock!


Alas, later one, when everyone was there, we were all comfy and laughing, B was even there, I thought “hey this is an excellent time to knit a bit. Huzzah for me! I can start on the foot chart now!”
Aaaaand, I didn’t have a copy of the chart I needed. Zip. Sigh.

But I do now! :-D Let Saturday morning commence!

P.S. Pattern is Hundred Acre Wood by the amazingly amazing Alice Yu from her book Socktopus. My project info is here, if you’re inclined to snoop. ;)

Also, How to Add Lettering From a Different Pattern/Combine Two Patterns. ☺

Here are all the progress pics I took. I think the whole project took about 3 weeks. That’s awesome!!




I googled “adventure quotes” and found this one from The Three Musketeers. I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my list!


The alphabet is from Better Homes & Gardens 2001 Cross Stitch Designs. I love www.printablepaper.com for custom graphs! You can pick any size you like/need and download the pdf for free. AMAZINGLY helpful. I chose the 10 squares per inch because it’s easier for me. Most patterns are laid out in a 10×10 grid. I counted how many boxes (10×10 square=1 box) high and wide the crest pattern is, and wrote that down, to be sure I didn’t go wider than the crest and to be sure I could get close to centering it.

Then I wrote out the quote, and counted in the alphabet pattern how many stitches each letter takes. I figured about 2 stitches between the lower case letters and 3 between the upper case letters would be good spacing and added that count too. I count up the stitches in each word and wrote down the count.

Then, I looked at the crest pattern again and cotned how many boxes were on either side fo the center line. I had about 25-30 stitches on each side to work with, without going over 30 on each side. That’s a lot of stitches so I didn’t want to crowd the words and get too far to one side.

I quickly wrote out an idea of placement for the letters, like this:

Never Fear
but seek

And my first try looked great just like that, so I went about drawing the center line on the graph. I added the stitch count on the first two words and halfed it, then sketched it on the graph.( Keep in mind a lot of this process is kind of hit and miss, fix as I go, fly by the seat of my pants, lol.)

“Never Fear” was off center on my first try but I liked the look of it and thought making the next couple lines go progressively to the right would look nice. I drew in the letters and approved it. I made “Harzardous” centered, then “ADVENTURE” centered beneath it. I went with all caps on that for a little drama. The loop-de-loops on the capital letters threw me for…a loop…so I added a box between in each letter to see how it would help fill it in without overcrowding it. Love it!

I decided to make the words about ten stitches below the crest. that’s just enough space to make everything look even. I rarely measure with a ruler or anything, it’s all stitch counts on the fabric and “boxes” on the pattern. Dad would say I “eyeballed it”.


Ta-da! I wanted to finish this before a stitch-a-long starts in a couple weeks. I’ve had so much fun with it!

I found another pattern in my stash, Masquerade by Ink Circles. I ordered some more glorious fabric from Garibaldi’s Needlework for that, in a nice purple. I’m kind of hoping to have it for Halloween/Fall this year. I made the mistake discovered her website and bought three more patterns! Those should arrive in the mail this week! woohoo! I have some black fabric in the stash I’m hoping will fit one of these (dare I hope, two?).

Hooray for cross stitch wizardry and subversive stitchery!