Hey! Posts are up! The pictures are a strange size…kinda big…but they’re up and I’m not going to fix them right now. lol

Oh, my new shawl:
Sleeves by Martina Behm using Zauberball Starke 6 in Charisma


Spring has sprung! Allergies are in full throttle! Yesterday I was in Santa Fe for work and my folks came with me (another perk of my job). We went to The Pantry afterwards, and hey! Look over there there’s a yarn store I love be right back. And Charisma was in my purse. ;-) I might need another ball for this sleeves scarf hybrid, but that’s cool. It knits like a dream-a little smooshy, bright colors, softish. I even cleared out another 10 square feet or so of the office. Whew!

I digress. Spring is working it’s magic everywhere, look at our plant! That’s a flower. It has never bloomed before and my hubs has had this for years. Like, yeeeeaaaarrrrs. The only thing I can think of is I’m watering the few plants I have once a week. I put it in my reminders on Remember The Milk and now everything is growing and blooming! woohoo!wpid-wp-1426355008737.jpeg

Any ideas what kind of plant this is? We don’t know. Huh. Can’t get over that flower.

Sounds silly, perhaps, but remember this is NM, and I can’t make plants grow very well…maybe now I can! I have a venus fly trap I’m hoping will come back to life, too. The instructions say it is dormant during cold weather, so I’ll mist it and give it sun and see what happens. How very Frankenstein…rise…RISE!

:-D off to get ready for lunch and errands. Freddy’s is calling and this is a great day for running around (and sneezing).

P.S. Check out my pattern pages on ravelry for more progress pics and a couple finished things. Here’s the promised Finished Thing from last week, the 22 Degrees shawl in Fiera Mint Julep:

I underestimated how much yarn I had and bound off a little early, so I just single crocheted along the top until I ran out of yarn. :-) I added a little scallop/shell in the middle for fun. It’s so warm and squishy and perfect for cold mornings!

Here’s the view from my favorite coffee shop:


And a cute WIP pic:


It snowed a lot the next week, more than usual by far, keep in mind we usually get a dusting, then it melts.




I’m not complaining, nor comparing,  the snow amounts. NM needs all the moisture it can get and the snow was a lot of fun for everyone. :-)

But now, in Week 12, it is full on spring! The flowering trees are starting to bloom and the weather is top notch. I’m talking 60s and 70s all the way, with chilly mornings. You know, scarf weather! ;-) I started a new one with some pink and black Zauberball that I’ve been thinking about. I bought more patterns from Strickmich; the new one I cast on is Sleeves.

Lemme try and post this and I’ll get another going! More soon! Cross you fingers!

Well, I lost some posts. I don’t know why, B says it’s my Anti-Computer Aura. Sigh.
I managed to save one post, from Week 9. Luckily not much has happened since then. ;-)

Week 9: I went to Santa Fe for work as usual, but this time I met my hubs and our friend for dinner at Buffalo Thunder Casino! I finished about the right time, but instead of having to drive home I went to (where else) Yarn & Coffee! I had over an hour to sit and chat and knit and shop and it was wonderful. I got some coffee and caved into another ball of yarn, which I cast on right away into another 22.5 Degrees. :-) I love Freia, this colorway is just the bomb. All the colorways are the bomb.
Here’s my view from my chair…


And I worked on Potter Shawl a little too! Look at those shawls, they’re already friends.


See that red dress and the orange scarf it’s wearing? I bought that pattern from Ravelry right in the store! woohoo! I didn’t know that was an option now. I think it will be perfect for the Robot Overlord yarn I have. The pattern is Sweet Summer Rays by Holly Priestley.
I left about the time they were going to close, and met the guys at the casino.


We went right to the buffet, which was awesome, and I had to take some WIP pics throughout the night, of course. I taught Rich a little about wine and a little about yarn. ;-)




Ben and I haven’t been there before so it was a lot of fun to walk around. We didn’t stay in the actual casino long (too smoky and we don’t care about gambling, but I did win $5 at roullette!) and it was just a gorgeous place. It isn’t too big or crowded. We’re definitely going to go back sometime for a weekend stay-cation. The art was really something…






He’s playing cards, not holding a phone like I originally thought. lol



Not sure how I feel about this guy. He looks an awful lot like a Borg…he’s cool though, so unique.

I bought a couple books from the gift shop, a book by Antonio R. Garcia-New Mexico Ghost Stories (it’s huge! I can’t wait to dive into this), he had a sequel to it too but I decided to wait on that and got The Witch Narratives: Reincarnation (Land of Enchantment book 1) by Belinda Vasquez Garcia. It’s weird and creepy and wrong in all the right ways. I love it so far. I got 80+ pages into it this weekend already!
The next day I had an extra 45 minutes and went to Cafe Bella (in Rio Rancho) to knit and sip for a bit. Here’s my other favorite view:
Such a nice place. I love the big windows to stare out of.

(I’m going to try and post this first, then get Week 10 back up. We had pretty nice springy weather in Week 9, up to 50s and 60s, then this week we got the worst snowfall since 2006! lol more on that later, and a recently Finished Thing!)

I haven’t been able to load the last three posts…it will freeze halfway and then I lose the content. Gonna use this as a test post, then try and update WordPress on my tablet. Wish me luck!