I missed my Weekly WIP post last weekend; I got sicker, blech! I couldn’t shake this cough, but its finally going away! Whew! Luckily the boys and DH didnt get sick. Double whew. I kept up with the TIAS though. Each section takes about 15 minutes to do, only a couple took 20.
So, Day 10:


Day 11:
Yup, definitely scissors!


Day 12: (today’s! I did this in my work vehicle while waiting for my printer to clean the printer heads) The colors in this picture are very close to real life, except a little brighter because I was in the sun.


The final day comes soon…maybe Friday. This was a lot of fun! I’m even thinking up a pattern to try my own TIAS for the fall. It’s an easier pattern than Jane’s, but I really like it so far! I learned so much on this one little tat. Jane is amazing!

No progress on yarn stuff, but the Juicy Top and I are waiting patiently for this weekend and I am working on another TIAS, the next Spring Doily (2015). Woohoo! This time I’m only using one color and one shuttle. Hoping it works…so far it is! I like it a lot but I gotta work on my tension. Either way it will be very pretty. I’m also using a smaller guage thread so it won’t be so Epic. ;-) I’ve worked a little on the Epic Doily too. I even went so far as to put the SD15 into my purse as my go-to craft on-the-go. A knot here, a knot there. ooohhhh I love this colorway. It’s Lizbeth size 20 #122 – Caribbean.


I dunno. I think I tat/craft more when I’m stressed out or worried. Nothing big, no no, but DH and I are getting used to a new job and a new work schedule this month and it’s a learning curve, for sure. Throw in two kids under 8 and it gets really interesting! Lol which reminds me, this is an excellent article on tatting that explains the craft perfectly. I mean, even down to why I chose shuttles instead of needles. This guy knows. It has great progress pics of the Epic Doily (aka Spring Doily 2014) too! Wow. It’s long but well worth a read if you’re into crafty stuff. Here it is, hope he doesn’t mind me sharing it.*
He counted all those knots.

Ok, more soon!

*If you do mind, Mr. Chochinov, please let me know. ;-)

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