I didn’t get to finish this one until late last night. I’ve been battling a cold and all that’s left is this stupid cough that won’t go away. The tatting helped keep my mind occupied.
Wut? I was about to board the this-is-a-bunny train but now I’m back to no idea what this will be. Kudos to Jane for keeping us all guessing! lol The new main idea is scissors….hmmm…maybe….
I love how the colors are changing in this thread!

Here’s a bookmark I’m trying to finish by Sunday, for a late birthday present.


I love that bone shuttle. I caught the tatting bug too, it seems! I’m even seriously considering dragging out the Epic Doily again. I read a fabulous article on tatting the other day, which had that doily in it. Plus, Renulek is going to release the first installment of the Spring 2015 doily tomorrow!! You bet I’m going to wind a shuttle tonight. I always need another project, right? ;-)

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