Jane Eborall (kind of like the Yarn Harlot of tatting, in my opinion) has an annual tat-along and I’m going to try it this year! I have all my supplies ready:


She’ll post a new row each week, and we won’t know what it is for a few weeks! I’ll post my progress here as I go. Fun!! I haven’t tatted with a button yet. I’m excited to practice split rings, too.

Day 1: Jan7
I can’t believe it. I stitched this up in about 15 minutes! I think the diagrams she provides are very good, plus I compared my work to pictures on Craftree that other’s have tatted already. Wonder what this is going to be?? Any ideas so far?

OOPS! Thanks to the lovely people at Craftree, I found out I goofed. I was supposed to join in the same button hole, so here is the fixed product. I did take about 20 minutes of patiently undoing the tatting, but it worked out.

hmmm. This windowsill makes an excellent background.

Day 2 January 7:
No mistakes this time! The little rings are getting…littler. I’m guessing a starfish or star at this point…ideas?

Day 3 January 13:
Even more teeny tiny rings!! I hope they get bigger next time.

Day 4 January 16:
I think it’s a tail of some kind. Crocodile or T-Rex? Still thinking starfish too. We get another one in just a day and I’m excited to keep going! B thinks it might be a caterpillar.

My friend Beth started a new group on Ravelry called Finish A Thing 2015, where we are challenged to finish something this year! Here’s her description:

I’m excited about this because it means I’ll be able to get through all my WIPs in a better way, more organized and less chaotic. I’m hoping to renew my excitement for these projects as well as resist buying more craft supplies. I organized all the yarns last week and I have a LOT I could be using, I really do not need anything new right now. It should be a good experiment in self control, as well as appreciating what I already have. I…love to shop online. Not like I-need-to-go-to-a-meeting or anything but I could be a lot better at it. I love getting mail, is part of it. ;-)
Anyway, kind of along those lines, I started Graze today. I placed my first order and should get it next week! Graze is a snack box service. I’ll get a box a week/biweekly of healthy, portioned snacks. I did the math, and it is affordable, as long as I stop buying junk when I want a snack. These cute lil boxes can replace the garbage I buy at the gas station/wherever when I’m out working or driving around with the kiddos. One box has four servings, and one serving of gas station snacks for us cost about the same as one box of Graze. Don’t even consider how much fast food costs for three people, even if two of them are small. This should be fun to get boxes in the mail, and discover yummy new snacks to munch when I’m working, reading, whatever. I’ve done well the last month or so with eating less. It’s tough, but the healthy snacking is helping! I portioned out a bunch of almonds&cheese, almonds&chocolate chips, and almonds&raisins the other day and actually had fun doing it! Now I can grab one of the little boxes when I’m hungry. I used to scoff at that idea, like, cha, why would anyone, like portion out into a million little boxes and where do you even get the boxes and why not just, like, eat better. D’oh. Good thing I grew up, huh? Another good thing is that we DO have about a thousand jillion little perfect portion sized boxes laying around. ;-)
I got off topic. Food does that to me. mmmm. Snaaacks…
Projects! I chose two for this month. Yup. Two. Not four or five or too many, just two. AND if I don’t finish one or both I can carry it over to next month. No pressure. The group is, of course, full of people who are cheering each other on to finish something, anything, so it’s been pretty easy to just work on those two things when I have a minute here or there. I have to say it is a lot more relaxing, too. Now I don’t think about the 50 WIPs looming in the closet, I only think of the two I picked. (well, and the cardigan I’m knitting but that’s plain fun. I’m also waiting for some safety eyes to arrive this week so I can finish working on another fun knitty thing-more on that another day! I’m mostly using the group for non-knitting stuff first. So. Many. Cross stitch projects…)
I picked Bruce’s Tatted Doily from www.be-stitched.com and the ├╝ber-talented Nancy Tracy. Her husband designed this one and I love it. I think I’ll put it under a yarn bowl I put next to my bed for bedtime knitting/reading.

I finished another row since this was taken. I'm more than halfway finished now!

And Dreaming In Tuscany for my aunt and uncle’s 50th anniversary in may this year. It will be a huge weight off my shoulders to finish up these to-be-gifted cross stitches.


I have some chores to do today, but after those I hope to get to this. For now, I’m off to build a napping place for my 3yo. ;-)