I didn’t get to finish this one until late last night. I’ve been battling a cold and all that’s left is this stupid cough that won’t go away. The tatting helped keep my mind occupied.
Wut? I was about to board the this-is-a-bunny train but now I’m back to no idea what this will be. Kudos to Jane for keeping us all guessing! lol The new main idea is scissors….hmmm…maybe….
I love how the colors are changing in this thread!

Here’s a bookmark I’m trying to finish by Sunday, for a late birthday present.


I love that bone shuttle. I caught the tatting bug too, it seems! I’m even seriously considering dragging out the Epic Doily again. I read a fabulous article on tatting the other day, which had that doily in it. Plus, Renulek is going to release the first installment of the Spring 2015 doily tomorrow!! You bet I’m going to wind a shuttle tonight. I always need another project, right? ;-)

I made this up when I was learning picots and rings. :-)
R: 2-4-2—2-4-2.

*Translation: To form a ring: 2ds, small picot, 4ds, small picot, 2ds, very large picot, 2ds, small picot, 4ds, small picot, 2ds. Close ring and tie off. Weave/hide ends.


Apparently, one of the tatters has always longed for a rabbit from Jane’s TIAS. The more I work on this, the more I see a rabbit! I hope she gets her wish!
My tension has improved since starting this project. I’ve learned at least three new techniques, too!


I’m not sure about starfish anymore because this last “row” of rings and chains don’t look like the previous ones. It could be the side of a rabbit. If it is a rabbit I can’t wait to tat a little fuzzy tail!

P.S. I’m thinking of making my own TIAS later this year…hmm…Jane offered it out there that someone else could do one, and it got me thinking, I even thought of a subject! But, of course, I’d have to write my own pattern…should be fun!! More on that later!

I finished this on Friday, when it came out. Boy it really looks like a rabbit doesn’t it? I think the best guesses so far are: starfish, rabbit, dragonfly.
What do you think?

It's hard to get used to it being so dark outside at 5:00pm.

I finished the walls on my Tuscany! All that’s left is the backstitching!! I’m over the moon to finally finish this. (I put my square doily away because I was getting bored with it for now. Plus, realistically, one Finish A Thing a month is more likely to get finished.)

oof those grapes are all black and dark purple. oof

I finished my hat! I love it. It’s soft and warm. I tried Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off for the first time and loved that too.

It looks better on. SO soft and warm!!

My oldest turned 7 last week, and requested a T Rex about a week before his birthday. He’s so sweet, he said “I know it’s short notice so it’s ok if it’s not done on my birthday. He’s the coolest guy ever. He wanted to put the safety eyes on so we that last week. I got a cold too, (gross), but am slowly getting over it and ready to finish his lil dino.

I can’t get the picture to load. Oh well. Another day.

I was working on another neat hat for me, the Women’s Peaked Cap (by Yarnspirations), but I tried it on at round 14, like it suggests, and it was too small. Well that was about 1/3 of the way, so I frogged it and started over with a larger hook. It’s a fun pattern, so I took it as practice for the second round, and I’ll be even happier knowing it will fit! I named mine Reichenbach Falls Cap. It looks like a stylized, feminine version of the deerstalker Holmes is famous for. Now I can solve mysteries and go on adventures in style! If that’s not enough UK fangirl for you, I love to work on that hat while watching The Great British Bake Off on PBS on Sunday nights. swoon!

I started following The Crochet Crowd and they’re the ones who suggested this cute hat. They have some very cool blanket patterns and ideas too. The videos and posts are fun and light; I’m glad I found them. I like having a few of those unicorn-chaser websites to go to when the world gets dark.

Day 8 of the TIAS came out this morning! I’ll upload the progress on Day 7 and 8 soon!