Here’s what’s happening on the tatting front:
I did finish the third round on the Epic Doily! I estimate this thing is going to be at least 24 inches across when I’m done. I admit, I considered thoring in the towel since it is going to be so big, but meh, I don’t want to start over and it will be fun to see how big it gets, lol. B says we can use it as a lap blanket. I say table cloth for Special Occasions. Or a net to catch things maybe. I had to put it in a bigger bag instead of my usual box because it has outgrown it’s previous home. Oh, and I switched to both the Moollit and Aerlit shuttles because they have hooks on them and it makes the tatting a lot faster. I will have to buy more thread soon. What have I gotten myself into??


I also started Tatted Mask from It’s another Russian pattern written and shown as a diagram/photo. I wrote out the pattern from the  notes and the pics, and printed out a copy of the pattern picture. It’s coming along nicely! I’m using Purpleberry LizBeth Twirlz size 10. I think the size 10 will be just right for an adult face. I’m already thinking how fun this mask would be if it was themed as Batman villains or something. :-)


On another note, Taos Wool Festival is coming up in only 4 weeks!! SO excited! Penny and I are going again, and maybe some more friends. Sounds like she’s going to bring her new wheel. I’m already thinking about what to bring. I’ll bring my mask, doily, a pair of knit fingerless gloves (the cashmere stuff I bought at Taos last year) and maybe one more thing. Maybe not. I always bring too much then buy something new and ignore everything I brought, lol. I’m going to bring better coffee too (for the motel-I’m one of those people) and since I’m driving I’m thinking of fun on-the-go dinners to pack everyone for the car ride. Last year Penny made us bento dinners with rice and veggies. They were delicious! It’s my retreat, a familiar, comfortable place I get to visit once a year at the beginning of my favorite season with one of my favorite people. So excited!

Update #2:
:-) I tried it and it fits! So cool!
I’m going to make the other side, and attach it at about the halfway mark, where I can see it on the picture. I like using the Twirlz for this because you can’t tell which is the front or back; it matches well.

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