I call it my grass vest, due to the color. My other score from TWF last year. The sample vest was on display at the entrance to their booth (Bijou Basin Ranch) and no on could resist petting it and ooo-ing over it. The collar! The colors! The lace! The drape! I had an epiphany that I should wear more vests. No idea what kind of shirt to wear underneath…but who cares? I decided to think about it after walking the whole fairway. Penny convinced me green was the way to go, so when we got back, there happened to be just enough green left for a couple vests. I got enough for mine, and bought it (pattern included-it’s how they hook you I think) and went on the hunt for some needles. I found some amazing carbon fiber double points at a booth down the way. These needles are so bad ass. They’re light weight, cool to the touch, and so shiny. mmmm…carbon fiber. I’m almost done with the back piece, which is the largest piece. I think I got a little freaked out once I reached the neck decreases, and put it aside for now. I’m 0 for 3 of sweaters/etc that actually fit. I made a sweater for B that fit. So far nothing I make for myself that’s bigger than a sock fits me. It’ll happen! If I change the type of yarn I use (acrylic is not the way to go for sweaters I guess) and be careful to match gauge (go figure) I might get one accomplished this year. Anyway, the vest will fit, I know because I took my measurements three times, measured the vest as I worked it constantly, and double-triple checked the gauge and size measurement. That plus sheer stubborn willpower might mean I’ll wear this with pride to TWF in October. :-) Cross you fingers!

The bag is one Beth made for me, covered inside and out with sugar skulls and doily-fied sugar skulls. <3 It’s a nice big bag too, big enough for this kind of thing. The yarn is made of angora fiber and a little rayon for strength. Seriously soft and warm! Also, here is a reference to an angora rabbit, for giggles.

So poofy!!!

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