Mmmmm…cashmere and silk. I splurged at Taos Wool Festival last year and got this yarn. It is unbelievably soft, like it isn’t even there. It’s ethereal. I haven’t worked on them in a few weeks though. The pattern is super easy, one that can be adjusted to any weight yarn, I bet.
I was standing in line at the coffee hut at TWF, in the cold, and started chatting with the lady in front of me. After 15 minutes in line I realized they probably didn’t take cards, and I didn’t have cash (as usual). Oh well, I stayed and talked to my queue friend anyway. She bought me a coffee :-D and I helped her carry all the other coffees she bought to her booth, Jabberwocky Farms. The ladies were so nice and I couldn’t resist the yarn…well…I did resist a little, but figured why not. I should try cashmere once! The pattern came with the yarn and I cast on right away. So the mitts have lots of warm fuzzies for me. I think of Taos in October (talk about ethereal), good friends, warm pastries, soft yarn, and wonderful people.

(These are fine lace weight mitts, size 1 needles.)

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