I have a serious case of startitis. I also keep finding old projects laying around that suddenly seem very intriguing. I have a ton if WIPs right now and honestly, I love it! I love having them all in one pile/bag/place. I can look in the bag and say, “Hmmm….what should I work on today?” It’s very soothing to have the options and to knit/crochet on the couch, with the boys running around and fall outside my window. A cup of coffee and I am set.
Here is what I have going on at this very moment, not counting the plans I have for another sock and three scarves. (More on that when the yarn gets here next week!)
I’m going to post one a day, for funsies. I love checking projecty blogs every day, don’t you? Oh the pretties!

Part 1) I have the watermelon sock I posted about back in the spring:


It is Schoppel Wolle Zauberball, watermelon (” Durch die blume”) color. I use size 2 needles, double circulars. The ones pictures are Addi needles. I. Love. Them. Pattern is Circle Socks by Anne Campbell; I found her on ravelery. This pattern is easy and really fun to watch take shape. I love the heel!
This is a fun one to work on during a movie since the pattern is so easy to remember. I love double circs for socks because I don’t have to fumble with double points or magic loops. I don’t know, double circs and I just click!
Zauberball is amazing. The color gradient is ridiculously cool! I have another sock in the works with this brand, too, ugh! So pretty!